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What Can I Do With an Associates Degree in Criminal Justice?

The criminal justice industry includes careers that range from law enforcement officers to probation officers and private investigators. An associates in criminal justice typically takes about two years to complete, and offers a wide range of careers within the field. You can opt for an associates degree when you have decided which specific career you want to begin within the careers in criminal justice.

The Careers Available

A two year online criminal justice degree allows you to work as a police officer, private investigator, corrections officer, or a legal assistant at local law firms. Each of these careers has promise of growth within the next five to ten years. While some of these career paths don’t officially require a degree in criminal justice, your chances of getting hired through an agency are greatly increased with foundational training through accredited criminal justice schools.

If you want to become a business owner, criminal justice colleges can prepare you for the legalities of becoming a private investigator. A significant number of private investigators own their own business after training with a professional in the business for a short time. Legal assistants also have the benefit of being able to begin working immediately within their chosen field after receiving an associates degree, while law enforcement and corrections officers may be required to complete training through their local police departments or prison institutions before their official career begins.

Getting Started

To begin your career as a criminal justice major, you will need to first find the criminal justice colleges that you want to attend. Today, online degrees in criminal justice are widely available in addition to traditional college programs that are attended on campus. An online criminal justice degree is a flexible way to enter a new career without quitting your day job or sacrificing other responsibilities to attend classes. You can often complete your degree in the same amount of time as a traditional degree programs, and use the schools financial aid program to help offset the costs of earning a degree.

You can learn more about the careers in criminal justice and earning your degree by asking for information from the criminal justice schools that you are interested in attending. With your degree, several new career paths open up for you. You will study a wide range of materials, including psychology, the court system, and the probation process. With a well-rounded education, you are prepared for a job in criminal justice.

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