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Heavily Armored Private Security Vehicles

Conquest Knight XV

Knight XV china

Just as Tough as it Looks

Conquest Vehicles designs and builds armored luxury SUVs. Their flagship vehicle is the Knight XV. Adapted from military SUV’s, the Knight XV’s design will withstand extreme violence while keeping its occupants safe from harm. Every vehicle is custom built starting with a luxurious base model with a variety of options that provide a truly regal armored ride.

The Foundation
The Knight XV is an armored vehicle. It was designed that way. Unlike many civilian armored vehicles, it is not an armored version of a normal car. When combined with its other security features it provides unrivaled protection for its passengers. It is a large vehicle, almost twelve feet long, eight feet wide, and eight feet high. It tips the scale at approximately six tons and has a 6.8L V10 Ford flex fuel engine. The engine can run gasoline or up to eighty-five percent ethanol. The chassis is based on the Ford F550 Super Duty.

The Standard Cabin
The standard interior is an exercise in opulence – and security. Hand crafted leather seating for six passengers is the most apparent luxury. Lighting needs are amply met with map lights and ambient lighting. For entertainment, there is a remote controlled dual screen rear console. Laptop stations for the rear seats make work or play on the road simple. Front and rear FLIR night vision cameras are standard and have screens for the driver and passengers to monitor their surroundings. The windows are two-inch bulletproof glass with powered front windows.

Interior Options
The options for the interior are extensive. The seating can be upgraded from boardroom to first class aircraft sleeper seats. A partition with two-way intercom between the driver and passengers provides privacy. Entertainment upgrades include a large flat screen TV, Satellite TV, an upgraded media system and an entertainment bar. A cooler box and cigar humidor add creature comforts to the package. Optional curtains for the rear passenger and/or rear windows provide additional privacy. Bolt locks for the doors increase security for the cabin.

Exterior Options
The Knight XV has several exterior options to increase the utility and security of the vehicle. There is a siren with two way P/A and intercom system and hidden front strobes for VIP, security, or law enforcement purposes. An auxiliary fuel tank adds to the 63-gallon capacity of the main tank and remote starting have the vehicle ready to go as soon as the driver is. Surveillance cameras and external microphones prevent nasty surprises when exiting. To aid locating the vehicle and discovering what happened if it is missing A GPS transmitter and black box help locate the vehicle and tell what happened, if needed. For high-risk buyers there is a system to detect devices magnetically attached under the vehicle and wire mesh tailpipe protection.

The Knight XV is an incredible armored vehicle. It would be a good fit for any high-end private security team. It is too expensive for most law enforcement agencies, but for those that can afford it, it may be the coolest criminal justice vehicle ever.

ASV Panthera

ASV Panthera

A Versatile Fighting Vehicle

The ASV Panthera is manufactured by Ares Security Vehicles LLC in conjunction with the Ukranian Company PJSC. This multi role vehicle can be tailored to many different situations. These configurations can suit anything from private security to terrorist attacks, wars, urban unrest and any other type of conflict.

The vehicle is also designed with the latest materials and technology. This helps it withstand more firepower although it weighs less than conventional fighting vehicles. At the same time, the ASV team focused on a number of different aspects of its design. This allowed them to create a state of the art defense vehicle that is both reliable and cost effective.

The ASV Panthera is powered by a 4.2 liter diesel turbo intercooler. There is also an engine variant that is run by gasoline. It is equipped with a five speed manual transmission. This combination allows the Panthera to get in and out of battle zones in no time.

Interior Features
The ASV Panthera is loaded with interior features that are perfect for private security and military operations. One great feature that the vehicle provides is a modular seating arrangement. This provides the owner with a choice of flip up seats, bench seats, blast mitigating seats and slung seats for the crew compartment. This enables it to fully maximize the available space to carry a large number of either personnel or supplies.

Another feature available with the Panthera is a first aid kit and emergency stretcher. With this, it can be converted to a medical evacuation vehicle at any time. It also has the latest surveillance, communications and electronic counter measure equipment. ASV also ensures that only state of the art equipment is installed in the Panthera. Additionally, both the crew, commander, driver and air conditioned cabin can be designed to meet specific requirements. At the same time, the vehicle was created with an emphasis on safety to increase crew survivability.

Exterior Features
In addition to being loaded with interior options, the Panthera is also equipped with outstanding features on the outside. A lot of these are designed in order to help the crew meet any battlefield condition and gain the upper hand. The Pathera has a roof mounted search camera and lights that are remote controlled. This enables the crew to assess conditions in order to make the best decision in any situation.

The vehicle also comes equipped with a jerry can holder, shovels, tool boxes, sand ladders and tow bars that are ready to use any time. Buyers also have the option of having rear and side gun ports, roof-mounted gun turrets, roof hatches and roof racks installed for added protection.

Paramount Group Marauder


A New Breed of Defense Vehicle

The Marauder is a mine protected 4×4 armored vehicle. It is manufactured by the South African firm Paramount Group. Launched in 2007, it offers excellent crew protection and survivability. It also demonstrates outstanding payload capacity. It is designed to be a highly agile multi role mine protected armored vehicle. It is perfect for people working in private security or as military contractors.

The Marauder has a double skin hull monocoque structure. This provides the vehicle with a smooth finish and a modern appearance. The commander and driver are placed side by side in a well developed layout. This layout is designed for optimal communication.

This private security vehicle is manufactured with large bullet proof windows. This will provide occupants with excellent all around visibility. It is powered by a diesel engine that is protected up front. This allows it to have more space for troops and the crew. It is also designed with a deep and narrow V shaped hull. This provides an all round protection against mines and IEDs.

Paramount Group also designed this fighting vehicle with ease of maintenance in mind. This allows for cost effective repair and production of the vehicle.

The Marauder can be equipped with medium and light caliber machine guns. It can also support mortar firing platforms, missile launchers and cannon weapons. The stowage bin that is fitted on the vehicle allows it to perform extensive missions autonomously.

One of the main strengths of the Marauder is its double skinned hull protection. This protection extends throughout the crew compartment and cabin. It offers STANAG 4569 level four mine protection under the hull. It also has a double anti tank mine under any wheel.

The vehicle also has ballistic protection against 50 caliber ammunition and 7.62 x 54 mm API 32 RB. Additionally, the vehicle can withstand 155 mm Air Burst high explosive ammunition.

The Paramount Group also designed the crew seating arrangement to increase survivability during extreme accelerations. These accelerations often occur during mine explosions. At the same time, private security companies also have the option of purchasing add-on armor plates. This additional protection can be installed in the vehicle’s internal space between the side walls if required.

The Marauder is equipped with a powerful six cylinder diesel turbo engine. This engine is coupled with a semi automatic transmission. It delivers a total of 801 Nm torque and 165 kW of power. It can also be manufactured with a wide variety of engines that have increased power at the customer’s request. This enables it to provide excellent off and on-road mobility.

Navistar Defense MaxxPro Dash DXM MRAP


An All American Fighting Vehicle

The MaxxPro Dash DXM MRAP is an armored vehicle that is manufactured by Navistar Defense. It is designed to be an ambush protected and mine resistant armored fighting vehicle. At the same time, it was created with an emphasis on enduring improvised explosive device ambushes and attacks. Additionally, it can survive in nuclear, chemical and biological attack environments. This is the reason why it is perfect for private security and military operations worldwide.

The Maxx Pro Dash DXM MRAP is manufactured utilizing a crew capsule. It also has a V shaped hull. This hull is mounted on the vehicle’s International WorkStar 7000 chassis. This unique hull shape is designed for one purpose. It is made to deflect the blast from either an improvised explosive device or land mine. This provides maximum protection for the vehicle’s occupants. The manufacturer can also customize the vehicle’s exterior armor. This will allow it to meet specific mission needs. The vehicle also has side plating and bullet resistant windows for added protection. The armor that the MaxxPro Dash DXM uses is manufactured and designed by Plasan. This company has been manufacturing armored vehicles since 1985.

The Dash DXM is powered by a 9.3 liter MaxxForce 9.3D. The vehicle’s engine was based on Navistar’s family of six diesel inline engines. Additionally, this engine is fed by a single geometry-variable turbocharger. Another power source in the vehicle is the Hydraulic Electro Two Unit injectors.

With this combination of turbochargers and injectors, this fighting vehicle’s engine has the capability to operate using two fuel sources. This includes either JP8 or diesel. It can also produce up to 1,525 pounds per foot of torque and 465 horsepower. All of this power is transferred to the ground using the stout Allison 3000 automatic five-speed transmission.

Unlike the previous MaxxPro Dash vehicles, this Navistar fighting vehicle is equipped with an improved DXM suspension system. The DXM suspension system is well known in the military vehicle industry as a no compromise solution. This allows the vehicle to have greater off road mobility while letting occupants experience a high quality ride.

It can also be easily merged with other straight axle fighting vehicles. Additionally, Navistar’s proven platform puts durability, quality and reliability where soldiers or private security need it most in their fields of operation.

Weapon Systems
The MaxxPro features a shielded transversing roof mounted machine gun turret for self defense. This turret can be equipped with either a 12.7 mm heavy class or 7.62 mm machine gun. For night actions, the vehicle can be equipped with blackout lights. It also has a back up electrical system that is powered by a 400 amp alternator and four 12 volt batteries.

The MaxxPro DXM also has full air brakes that are very active when in motion. When the vehicle is parked, hand-operated and air-activated brakes are applied to the rear axle. Hunchinson Runflat wheels are preferred for the vehicle. These are mounted on single Michelin 395/85R20 all-around XZL tires.

Lenco Bearcat

Lenco Bearcat

Ballistic Engineered Armored Response Counter Attack Truck

The BearCat, designed and manufactured by Lenco Armored Vehicles, is a wheeled armored personnel carrier primarily used by law enforcement, private security, and military forces in over 40 countries around the world. When used in law enforcement they are usually assigned the task of delivering SWAT and other Special Reaction Teams to hostile areas and safeguarding civilians, where they are considered “armored rescue vehicles”. Lenco Armored Vehicles, established in 1981, is a worldwide leader in the armored vehicle manufacturing industry based in the USA.

Created in 2001, with the input of the Los Angeles County Sheriff Department, the BearCat was designed to replace their fleet of military surplus Cadillac Gage Rangers last produced in the 80s. Finding a fair bit of success by filling a much needed niche as an armored vehicle suitable for urban environments, there are nine available variants of the BearCat depending on the vehicles specific purpose. Prices start at more than $180,000 and to date over 5000 BearCats have been produced with over 500 in use within the United States.

Built upon the chassis of a Ford F-550 Super Duty the BearCat can transport a total of 12 occupants and comes in both a 4 and 6 wheel configuration. Available with a V10 Triton gas or a 6.7L Turbo diesel engine, it can achieve speeds up to 90 MPH. Equipped with .5 inch military spec body armor, blast resistant flooring and .50 caliber ballistic glass the BearCat has a starting weight of 16,500 pounds. Depending on customer requirements, gun ports and mounts, sirens, lights, turrets, winches, battering rams, biological and chemical sensors and other modifications can be included.

In Use
Capable of withstanding small arms fire, explosives, and IEDs along with it’s customizability, the BearCat is well suited for combatting the increasingly heavily armed criminal and terrorist elements found in today’s modern cities. Since their creation in 2001, Bearcats have come under fire numerous times yet have never been penetrated.

The Lenco BearCat is an off-the-shelf light armored transport vehicle that plays a critical role in modern law enforcement. By utilizing a commercial truck chassis and other widely available parts, initial cost and future maintenance costs are minimized. The nine variants and virtually unlimited customizability means that the BearCat appeals to a large market. Without a doubt, the BearCat’s quality design and widespread deployment saves lives.

Terradyne Armored Vehicles GURKHA


GURKHA RPV Tactical Vehicle

The GURKHA is an armored security vehicle created by Terradyne Armored Vehicles Incorporated of Ontario, Canada. This vehicle is a favorite with military, private security, law enforcement, and peace officers, specifically those members on Special Weapons And Tactics teams. The GURKHA comes in 3 different variant models, the LAPV, MPV and RPV. Each is specifically outfitted to perform optimally under differing conditions, but all of them seem to cut a pretty imposing figure.

The GURKHA MPV model boasts a roaring 6.7 Liter, 8 cylinder (V-configuration) turbo diesel engine. It clocks in at around 300 horsepower, and emits a whopping 660 foot pounds of torque. The MPV is outfitted with a 6 speed automatic transmission. The driveline is a 4×4 that allows for shifting on the fly, and possesses a 4.88 ratio limited slip differential. In terms of fuel capacity the MPV has a 40 gallon diesel tank, which would probably be considered on the low side for a vehicle with a 6.7 liter engine and an incredible gross vehicle weight of 19,500 pounds to tote around. Although this behemoth of a vehicle weighs such a substantial amount, its MPT81 military specification tires are rated for nearly 70 miles per hour, as per the manufacturer specifications, but this doesn’t give any indicator of the vehicles top speed capability. Considering the 6.7 liter engine, it should have enough power to get you going, and keep you going. In terms of stopping, however, the vehicle is equipped with 4-wheel vented disc breaks and an Anti-Locking Breaking System.

In terms of tactical outfitting the GURKHA MPV is well equipped with a huge variety of available options and additional features. The armor class for the MPV is the substantial CEN B7/STANAG 2, which is rated as highest in it’s class. It offers protection from both ballistics and blasts. The MPV has a 6 door configuration with 2 seats in the front cabin, and space for up to 6 (recommended for 6) in the rear cabin. The LED lights in the interior have both white and red color functionality for preserving night vision, and the headlights are white LEDs as well. The vehicle has 8 gun ports, should they be necessary. The passenger cabin is fully insulated and climate controlled via a roof-mounted air conditioning unit. The vehicle has a rear mounted back-up camera and is rated for use both on and off the road.

Optional equipment for the GURKHA MPV includes an almost absurd amount of options, such as a manual rotating roof hatch or gun turret, a power operable rotating turret, power operable skip shield systems, a winch, police light packages, additional seating and gun ports, thermal imaging, a secondary fuel tank, an occupant oxygen system, fire suppression system, blast mitigation seating, upgraded floor blast material, and gun racks. Even without these optional additions, the GURKHA MPV is an impressive vehicle with an exceptional available armament and outfitting that can more than likely serve any law enforcement agency or private security team admirably.

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