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The Value of a Well-Armed Citizenry


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To control or not to control:

The 2nd Amendment was designed to prevent enslavement to the government
Gun Control may be seen as part of an effort to
eviscerate individual sovereignty
replace it with dependence on state
People either have the right to bear arms or they don’t
Anyone who disparages that right is violating the US
The Founders understood
the right to bear arms as fundamental and essential for maintaining liberty
a “well regulated”militia means “functioning properly”not “controlled by the government”
“No freeman shall ever be debarred the use of arms”- Thomas Jefferson

FBI murder stats for 2011:

Total murders: 12,664
All firearms: 8,583
Firearms type unknown: 1,684
Rifles: 323
Shotguns: 356
Handguns 6,220
Edged Weapons: 1,694
Other weapons: 1,659
Hands, fists: 728

Cities with Highest Rate of Gun-Related Deaths

(number of deaths per 100,00 people)

New Orleans – 69.1
Detroit – 41.4
Las Vegas – 36.9
Miami – 33.5
Baltimore – 33.1
St. Louis – 31.1
Richmond – 29.9
Memphis – 25.5
Cleveland – 25.2
Philadelphia – 24.3

Case Studies

Detroit – citizens wishing to own a gun for self-protection are strongly regulated and actively discouraged
They are required to:
pass the MI Basic Pistol Safety questionnaire
Apply for the Ten Day Handgun Purchase Permit
Buy the gun within 10 days or start the process again
Fill out a MI Pistol Sales Record form and make sure the pistol has a valid Safety Inspection Certificate
Upon purchase: the gun sale must be recorded at the local police dept. within 10 days
otherwise they could be arrested on a misdemeanor gun violation
Federal laws also require a background check
Eat legal buyer in MI must be approved by local police at least twice for each gun purchase
Detroit has the 2nd highest murder rate in the nation
Considered by many to be the most dangerous city in the US
Controlling crime through gun control has failed

Chicago – no gun shop can be found in the city because they have been banned
Handguns were banned in Chicago for decades until 2010
US Supreme Court ruled the ban was going too far
City leaders settled for restrictions which were the closest they could get to a ban
Illinois remains the only state with no provision for private citizens to carry guns
Chicago is laboring to stern a flood of gun violence
Gun violence contributed to
more than 500 homicides in 2012
already 40 killings in 2013
including a fatal shooting of a 15-year-old girl

The Gun Violence Epidemic

Over 30k estimated gun related injuries or deaths in 2012
Projected to be over 50k by 2015
Studies show a close relationship between city unemployment and murder by gun
(1 = absolute correlation)

Correlation between city unemployment and overall gun deaths: .55
Correlation “ “and gun-related murders: .72
Gun deaths are higher in states with higher levels of poverty and lower incomes
Correlation between poverty and gun deaths: .59
Gun deaths are less common in states with more college graduates and stronger economies
(the following is based on a Harvard study)

Some studies show:
as gun ownership increases; murder and suicide decreases
Nations with stringent anti-gun laws have substantially higher murder rates
The 9 European nations with lowest rates of gun ownership (5k or fewer guns per 100k population)
have combined murder rate 3x higher than the 9 nations with highest rates of gun ownership ( at least 15k guns per 100k population)

Questions to consider:

Should US citizens have the right to protect themselves with firearms?
Do gun laws protect us or hurt us when criminals will get guns regardless of laws?


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