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online-criminal-justice-programsHave courtroom battles always been a thrill? Does that legal drama on television stir up ambitions of joining the ranks of lawyers fighting injustice in the country? There’s good news for those who seek law jobs today. Online universities offer excellent programs that will provide the background knowledge and preparation, often at a fraction of the price of a traditional, on campus education. Flexibility is another advantage, allowing students to create a course schedule that is tailored to fit around their lives. People who are working full time or taking care of a family can now take classes any time and anywhere. If a law degree is the order of the day, here are the top ten online degree programs to get started.

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1. Concord Law School at Kaplan University
Concord Law School sets the bar for high standards in excellence, bringing a quality education to the student and fulfilling all educational requirements. It ranks above other online colleges with its dedication to providing a positive experience that places the student at the center of importance. The curriculum is demanding, able to compete with a broad selection of educational facilities across the nation. In addition, the staff is highly qualified and accessible to students, a key point of difference when compared with other online programs. Students can have peace of mind, knowing they will be able to interact with their professors and classmates through the use of social media and the Internet. According to testimonials, satisfied graduates praised Concord Law for its commitment to learning, rather than competition with other institutions.

2. Abraham Lincoln University School of Law
Abraham Lincoln University School of Law was groundbreaking as one of the first law schools in the country to offer the option of online studies nearly twenty years ago. Based on knowledge of how an online program can be fully implemented, and years of experience to enhance their system, students today will find it easy to enter their virtual classroom via the web. Thanks to video and audio technology, participants are able to have the same type of connection with their professors and classmates that they would have while physically attending a campus. Chat sessions, classroom lectures, and email allow students to communicate freely with their instructors, while there is always the option of picking up the phone to make a vital call when it is necessary to clarify instruction. As an educational institution that decided to boldly move into the future ahead of its time, students will rest assured that they are getting an education they can trust.

3. Northwestern University California School of Law
Northwestern University California School of Law believes in versatility, inviting students to enjoy the advantages of participating in their online program. The university has been in existence for over thirty years, building a solid reputation for itself. Students can count on the same quality education as they would receive in the traditional classroom when they opt for the online alternative. They’ve branched out into online courses to change with the times, accepting the fact that in this busy world, people have many obligations. Being confined to a campus and a rigid schedule simply doesn’t work for so many individuals. Northwestern University California School of Law makes the entire process user-friendly, from an online application form, to a variety of options to keep in touch during the online learning process. Quality lectures are delivered via the Internet, while a host of resources are accessible through web links, putting everything at students’ fingertips.

4. California School of Law
The California School of Law takes into consideration the many factors that can get in the way of a student’s pursuit of a law degree. Daily travel, the expenses associated with a typical campus, and time restraints often bar eager students from taking the leap to completing a law degree. With online opportunities that provide applicants with the same advantages as the traditional model, the doors to success are opened. The California School of Law provides students with access via the Internet to all of their legal course requirements. When they are done, they’ll be prepared to take the bar and begin practicing law.

5. Novus Law School
Novus Law School is a name you can trust in educational circles. Novus recognizes the implications that this ever-changing world can have on the legal field. There are more and more opportunities for students to branch out into a variety of areas that go beyond the classroom. From the business industry to law enforcement and education, there is a growing demand for legal counsel from knowledgeable sources. Novus provides convenient access to online legal courses to assist its students in having more flexibility when it is time to apply for a position.

6. Thomas Jefferson School of Law
Thomas Jefferson School of Law is the ideal choice for the student who is in pursuit of a master’s degree in the field. It has tailored programs to address the needs of those who have already received a bachelor’s degree in law and wish to broaden their horizons. It also focuses on individuals in the business field who require an in depth understanding of International Tax and Financial requirements. This is a fast track for students to reach their goals. If students are able to stay on schedule, they will have their degree within a year and every class is offered online.

7. The George Washington University
Students are interested in a master’s degree in paralegal studies should explore George Washington. Their motto, “go the distance from a distance” is fitting as students can enroll from any place in the country and earn a quality education along the way. Students will have access to all the fundamentals of law, giving them a sound foundation. They will also have the added benefit of specializing their studies to include international law, government law, and intellectual property. With a degree earned online at George Washington, graduates will find that they have positive qualities that provide them with an advantage over the competition.

8. Vermont Law School
Vermont Law School has departed from other online colleges, providing students with the option of pursuing a degree in environmental law. For those who have a passion concerning all things outdoors, this is the school for them. Rigorous courses, top notch professors, and commitment to long distance learners make this law school well worth considering when looking for that perfect fit.

9. Washington University School of Law
Washington University School of Law has designed a program that is specifically aimed at foreign lawyers who need a firm understanding of US law. With global ties common today when it comes to business and foreign relations, other nationalities find themselves tied up in our legal system or need to know what’s what to provide valuable advice to clients. With Washington University School of Law’s challenging program, attorneys from other parts of the world will be able to navigate the maze of the legal process in the United States.

10. New York University School of Law
Get a bite of the Big Apple without having to set foot outside the home. The New York University School of Law places emphasis on taxation, providing graduate students with a first rate experience via the Internet. Already recognized as a school of excellence when it comes to degree programs provided on campus, the university has expanded its horizons in order to provide more students with access to their programming. A host of challenging courses are provided online through the use of the latest advances in technology. Students can enjoy being a community of learners, easily connected with their professors through phone chats, forums, and e-mail. Flexibility is a plus as students can engage in learning at their own pace and time. They even have the capability of taking their exams via the Internet, rather than disrupting hectic lives to make a trip to the classroom. With New York University School of Law’s online program, the classroom is wherever the student happens to be.

There is an inundation of information concerning other online programs for those interested in the study of law. Students need to take their time, comparing options, finding the school that best suits their personal circumstances. It is also important to note that an accredited program is necessary in some states in order to practice law. Ask questions about accreditation before enrolling. If flexibility in scheduling, the convenience of home study, and the ability to set your own pace in learning is what you are looking for, an online education in law is a plus. Saving time, gas, and money is nothing to sneer at either. Remember to choose a facility with a sound reputation before making a commitment. Also bear in mind that being an online learner will require discipline and determination to be successful.

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