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Top Ten Homeland Security Degree Programs

In the pursuit of criminal justice jobs, you may find that a criminal justice degree is required. If you have already earned your criminal justice degree, and if you have experience at criminal justice jobs but are looking for something a bit more challenging, Homeland Security would like to encourage you to expand your education and earn a degree in Homeland Security, thereby supplementing your education, and opening many doors for your future.

What Exactly Is Homeland Security?

Homeland Security officers work in many different positions which cover many different aspects of security as it relates to incidents, in the recent years, which we are all aware of. Some of these officers may work in places like airports, emergency natural disaster areas, data analysis and the United States Border Patrol.

Earning your degree in this field online offers many different options for your lifestyle, with the best possible education you can get to equip you for your position and the responsibilities that accompany it.

It is our desire to assist you in finding the best option for your education, finding you the best online program you desire, and aiding you in taking the steps it takes to get there. Listed below is a list of the Top 10 Homeland Security Degree Online Programs.

The Homeland Security Top Ten:

  • 1. St. Joseph’s University
    The Homeland Security Program offered by this university is held in high honor. It is one of the oldest Catholic colleges in the United States. This school holds the eighth position in the nation’s ranking of best schools. Their Homeland Security Master’s program is one of the best, teaching invaluable skills that will fully and functionally prepare the student to offer the highest training as an employee for the government.Being able to accurately determine potential threats to security, as well as properly dealing with breaches of security, is taught with the highest standards at St. Joseph’s.

    There are many additional courses required in order to obtain this degree. Contact the school at‎.

  • 2. Bellevue University
    Based in Nebraska, this school has one of the best online programs available in the nation. The school’s national ranking stands at number seven. In the nation’s top ten is their Bachelor Degree program.As for Homeland Security, their program is award winning, as it centers around field leadership, building great security while providing exceptional tools for the job. Students focusing on earning their Master’s in Homeland Security must complete a course of study that lasts for a period of 16 months.

    For more information, go to‎.

  • 3.Pennsylvania State University
    The U.S. News and World Report ranked this college as one of the top 50 in the United States. They have a broad reputation for their thoroughness and reputation in regard to research, and conducts five Homeland Security programs to specialize in. This gives students attending the option to stay in a broader range of the career, while others may opt to specialize in a certain area of what Homeland Security does. This will also familiarize the student as to the different branches of Homeland Security and what function each plays.If you are interested in learning more about the programs offered in this field, go to‎.
  • 4. Colorado Technical University
    One of the most crucial points that can be brought to light about the Homeland Security program at this institution would be their solid history in military education.This school offers two individual online programs to accommodate students seeking to earn degrees in this field. Concentrating on Homeland Security, they offer a Bachelor of Science in Criminal Justice, will solidify the ground under their feet in regard to educating the student regarding applicable laws, emergence response and politics. They also offer the Master of Homeland Security degree, allowing you to work in management and directorial positions within this branch of government.

    Details on these programs can be found at‎.

  • 5. Walden University
    Courses aimed specifically at Homeland Security education are what this school boasts. These courses are tailored to teach students specific aspects of this field as they fall under specific subjects.Also offered at Walden is an undergraduate certification, with a detailed course lasting a period of nine months. These courses educate in regard to topics such as weapons of mass destruction, all the way to terrorism. It is after earning this certification that the student qualifies for the earning of degrees offered.

    Walden offers much more information at their website:‎.

  • 6. Everest University Online
    For the student who needs the convenience and flexibility of learning from their home environment, Everest offers a Homeland Security bachelor degree program that is hard to beat, specializing in preparing security officers for positions with this government agency, while working locally. Included in their education is training in Emergency Medical Procedures, Tactical Operations and Domestic Terrorism, enabling the student to be fully prepared to enter the domestic workforce.Feel free to investigate further at‎.
  • 7. Capella University
    Capella University is an online and campus based college. An accredited online university, Capella University offers bachelor’s, master’s/MBA, doctoral, and certificate programs designed to take you to the forefront of your profession. Our competency-based curriculum delivers foundational knowledge and real-world skills, so what you’re learning is immediately applicable to your career. Right now, more than 36,000 students are expanding their opportunities with Capella programs. Speak with an enrollment counselor at 1.866.679.9687. Click here to request information
  • 8. Utica College
    Utica’s Cybersecurity Program, one of the best in the country, focuses mainly on the technology security aspects needed to work in Homeland Security, and is highly recognized for the training it provides. Through this, students are taught tactics to protect against intruders using or accessing US technology.Information is available at‎.
  • 9. American Military University
    With its background in military training, this school is all inclusive when it comes to preparing students who desire to have a career with Homeland Security in any manner. Offering a Bachelor of Arts and Master of Arts in this area of study, they are thorough and offer one of the finest security educations available.Contact them at‎.
  • 10. Keiser University
    Having a Bachelor of Arts in Homeland Security program, which also teaches management skills to their students. They offer training in several different requirements in this field, as well as offering an online program to meet the needs of students. Students must be observed as being able to appropriately handle several different management positions in order to complete degree requirements.With different programs and more details regarding their programs, visit their website at‎.

With so many different opportunities and options right at your fingertips, you are able, now more than ever, to serve our public in a manner that is so needed. You will be able to learn on campus or at your own pace, at home, in front of your computer. Or, you can decide to strive for the utmost degree you can achieve in your field, stepping into management, and the more organizational and strategic part of the job.

Whatever you feel would most suit you and your career ambitions, there are so many options to choose from; these are only the top of the top. Look around and shop. Customize your future and begin to complete what is necessary to help you achieve it. With fine schools and educators offering such quality educations, training techniques that fit your needs and the ability to finish your degree in a manner that helps to maintain your home and family life, you really have nothing to lose and everything to gain.

Make sure to visit the websites provided. They are willing to help with questions, assist with finance programs, and are simply filled with information you will need to choose the best Homeland Security career options for you. It is also convenient to visit government websites that offer specific information on financial aid, and can direct you to a school for the best training possible. You can visit them at‎.

It’s time to take action. Just do it!

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