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Here is a Source for Criminal Justice Degree Information. Follow along to learn more about this type of degree. If you’re looking for information on criminal justice degrees, you have come to the right place! Here you will find quality information and advice about the best traditional schools, the top online CJ schools, careers in criminal justice, and more. Criminal Justice is an important career field, and those involved in enforcing the law need the best training and career guidance available. That’s precisely what we strive to provide at Criminal Justice Degree Hub.

What is Criminal Justice?

Criminal justice refers to the system of law as it applies to crime. The criminal justice system is made up of several different components including law enforcement, corrections, the courts, and the legal system, and the actual process of writing and legislating law.

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Criminal justice focuses on identifying certain actions as crimes, detecting and apprehending people who commit those crimes, and taking either a punitive or rehabilitative approach to those criminals. While most corrections systems combine the concept of punishment with the concept of rehabilitation to some degree, they tend to have a primary focus on one or the other.

Ideas about criminal justice and what constitutes crime have changed throughout human history and differ from culture to culture. Criminal justice systems provide a framework for a society to enforce rules about actions that are generally agreed to be destabilizing and dangerous for the population as a whole.

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Degrees in Criminal Justice

The field of criminal justice is incredibly broad, with criminal justice graduates going on to become police officers, lawyers, writers and detectives. Criminal justice students examine the application of laws to certain situations and study criminal behavior. They may also focus on life inside prison and rehabilitation.

There are plenty of benefits to pursuing criminal justice degrees through different media. An online criminal justice degree requires extensive discipline but it also allows students to work full-time or care for children during the day and learn at night. A traditional program has its benefits as well, especially because they allow the student to speak directly to a professor and to socialize with other students. For more information see our Criminal Justice FAQ or our Top 10 Listings.

Finding the Best School of Criminal Justice

Students who are interested in enrolling in a criminal justice program may become overwhelmed when searching for the best schools. A wide variety of institutions offer both campus-based and online criminal justice degree programs, including community colleges, state colleges, and universities, and private institutions.

Criteria for Top Schools
While specific requirements for considering schools vary by publication, there are general characteristics that are usually universal for top schools. The first feature is accreditation, as accreditation is essential to ensure an institution meets the standards to offering high-quality postsecondary education. The ranking of a college or university is also valuable, and the U.S. News and World Report, The Princeton Review, and other publications rank schools based on many different factors. Additional factors students should consider include reputation, quality of education programs, the satisfaction of students, and the cost of tuition and related fees. These aspects will provide assistance in selecting a school that meets both academic and personal needs.

We’ve put together program rankings of the top online criminal justice programs and the best criminal justice schools for traditional degrees in criminal justice.

Criminal Justice Careers

Criminal justice is an essential field that deals with protecting people, property, and assets from criminal activity. Working in this field has a variety of benefits and examples of the advantages of pursuing a career in this area are discussed as follows:

Variety of Job Opportunities
Individuals can select from a wide variety of criminal justice positions that will meet their needs. Criminal justice professionals work for many different law enforcement agencies, laboratories, government organizations, and other entities. Graduate from a top criminal justice degree program and you can go on to a satisfying and well-paying career in one of these exciting criminal justice career fields: Academics and Research, Corrections, Forensics, Government, Homeland Security, IT, Law Enforcement/Federal Agent, Legal and Court, or Social Services. You can even go into business for yourself, the sky is the limit! Examples of potential positions include police officers, criminologists, fraud investigators, and crime scene analysts. Salaries can range but are strong.

Professionally Rewarding
Working in the criminal justice field is often rewarding because professionals work to keep the public safe from a range of criminal activities. They work to identify aspects of crimes and create effective prevention techniques.

Skills that are Easily Transferred to Other Positions
The skills that criminal justice professionals gain in their positions are easily transferred to other professions. For example, security officers must be alert, detail-oriented, and assertive to deter criminals. These skills are also needed to work as a police officer or detective.


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