Online Bachelor’s in Public Safety and Security

Here is a list of Online Bachelor’s in Public Safety and Security. Follow along to learn more about the options available in this field. Earning a Bachelor in Public Safety Administration online will allow the graduate to find employment in a wide range of roles throughout multiple industries. Many of these opportunities exist outside of the health and medical fields. Public Safety officials work in the public sector as well as for private companies and organizations. Taking courses online will allow students to look for a job they will enjoy and attend school while they work. This is also a great option for students who are looking to change career paths.

There are several reasons for earning a degree in public safety. The sheer number of categories that fall under this genre of study is both large and diverse. In addition to health and medical fields, students can also find employment in several public service occupations such as paramedics, firefighters, EMT instructors, and law enforcement positions. Local health departments also hire public health officers and staff that work with the public in several different capacities.

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How We Ranked the Best Online Public Safety Degree Programs

Working professionals in public safety need a degree that will benefit their career, so Criminal Justice Degree Hub editors have ranked the best public safety degree online programs according to practical factors: tuition cost, student satisfaction, and salary potential, based on IPEDS and Niche data. 

1. University of Maryland Global Campus

University of Maryland Global Campus offers a BS in Public Safety Administration, and this online public safety degree helps elearners create a foundation to prepare for jobs in emergency management systems. This public safety degree online includes practical knowledge for students wishing to work for state, federal and local public safety organizations. For those already in the public safety sector, this program help in the development of leadership and critical thinking skills. 

The University of Maryland Global Campus is an online university based in Adelphi, Maryland. UMGC also has on-campus classes in Largo. The school has satellite locations in Baltimore and Washington, D.C and in Asia, Europe and the Middle East.

Degree: BS in Public Safety Administration

2. Charter Oak State College

Charter Oak State College’s Bachelor’s in Public Safety Administration is an online public safety degree for public safety professionals. Elearners acquire skills to manage change, create innovation and improve communication skills in public safety organizations. This 36-credit public safety degree online requires a public safety background. Courses include Ethics in Public Safety Administration, Public Safety Community Delivery Systems, Group Dynamics and America’s Homeland Security.

Charter Oak State is a public graduate school in New Britain, Connecticut in the Hartford Area. It has a small graduate student body with an enrollment of 92 graduate students. The college offers one graduate degree, which students can take online or through Charter Oak’s graduate distance education option. Popular degrees at Charter Oak State College include Organizational Behavior Studies and similar tracts. Almost all (92%) of grad students study part-time while working or balance other responsibilities.

Degree: Bachelor’s in Public Safety Administration

3. Franklin University

Franklin University’s BS in Public Safety Management and Leadership is an online public safety degree. Since Sept. 11, there has been a heightened awareness of the necessity for public safety leaders. This public safety degree online teaches students to manage teams and plan for public safety. Students expand their know-how when it comes to prevention, enforcement and communication during events that threaten public safety. Some students transfer up to 24 hours of credit.

This private graduate school is located in Columbus, Ohio. Franklin University has 1,413 graduate students, making it a midsize school. There are 11 graduate programs, all of which are available online or via distance education. Elearners who don’t choose public safety often select Healthcare Management, Industrial and Organizational Psychology or Business. Just 25% of graduate students study part-time.

Degree: BS in Public Safety Management and Leadership

4. Florida State College at Jacksonville

Florida State College at Jacksonville’s BAS in Public Safety Management is a public safety degree online. This program prepares students to become public safety leaders. It balances theory and hands-on training to get elearners ready for promotional opportunities. This online public safety degree emphasizes management, communication and critical thinking skills. Graduates go on to find jobs in homeland security, fire science and related jobs. 

Florida State College ranks #9 of 73 as the Best College Locations in Florida. It’s one of the most conservative colleges in the state as well as one of the most diverse.

Degree: BAS in Public Safety Management

5. Florida Atlantic University

Florida Atlantic University has a Bachelor of Public Safety Administration. This online public safety degree fall under the School of Public Administration and helps students prepare for roles on fire, police and disaster response teams. Students earn a degree that prepares them for jobs in homeland security, law enforcement and disaster response. Successful graduates sometimes go on to graduate school. This public safety degree online integrates different disciplines for the best preparation for public safety careers and career advancement. Students interested in disaster management in South Florida or across the United States also choose this program.

Florida Atlantic, located in Boca Raton, Florida, is a large public graduate school with 5,396 students. FAU  offers 71 graduate programs, of which 13 can be taken via distance education or online. Besides public safety, many students at FAU study Accounting, Business and Registered Nursing (RN). With 61% of grad students attending part-time, this is a great choice for students juggling family and career responsibilities with their educational goals.

Degree: Bachelor of Public Safety Administration

6. Polk State College

Polk State College has an online BAS in Supervision and Management – Public Administration. This online public safety degree focuses on supervision and management in public safety agencies. Students taking this public safety degree online can continue their careers while gaining skills they need to advance within their agencies. Upper-level management becomes more attainable with the right foundational skills. This degree program is designed for individuals with an associate’s degree or higher and allows students to expand their existing degree to achieve a BAS.

Polk State College is located in Winter Haven, Florida. The school started out as a community college and now offers 4-year degrees, including the one in Public Safety. By offering courses online, it gives access to students who want to continue working while they complete their education. Besides the main campus in Winter Haven, the college has a second location in Lakeland, as well as satellite campuses in Bartow and Lake Wales.

Degree: BAS in Supervision and Management – Public Administration

7. Miami Dade College

Miami Dade College offers a BAS in Public Safety Management. This online public safety degree has several tracks to choose from. Its options are driven by demand in the workplace. By offering a public safety degree online, the school provides students with the access needed to continue their education while working. This is good news for students with families or financial obligations that prevent them from studying on-campus. The training and education students receive lead to immediate hiring opportunities in many public safety organizations. Critical thinking, analysis and written communication are just some of the important skills stressed in the BAS in Public Safety Management. Graduates move on to entry-level or upper-level supervisory positions within the DEA, FBI, and U.S. Marshals Service.

A public college in Miami Dade County, this large school hosts 22,292 undergraduate students. It accepts100% of students who apply, guaranteeing equal access to education. Other popular majors include Business, Nursing and Liberal Arts and Humanities.

Degree: BAS in Public Safety Management

8. St Petersburg College

St Petersburg College’s BAS in Public Safety Administration is an online public safety degree. For current public safety professionals, this online bachelor’s degree provides a foundation in public safety and leadership skills. This public safety degree online is an ideal choice for students who already have an associate degree. For learners who have public safety certifications, this program provides a great opportunity to expand their knowledge and obtain a four-year degree. There are four subplans: fire science, criminal justice, emergency management and cross-discipline. 

St. Petersburg College is in the Tampa Area. This public school has 8,758 undergraduate students. With an acceptance rate of 100%, the school helps all students access education in fields such as nursing, business and liberal arts. 

Degree: BAS in Public Safety Administration

9. Sullivan University

Sullivan University has a BS in Justice and Public Safety Administration. This online public safety degree is designed for students interested in the court system, law enforcement, corrections, social services, criminal law and juvenile delinquency. The public safety degree online prepares elearners for an exciting career in criminal justice. Students learn all aspects of justice and public safety. This program opens the door to rewarding careers at the federal and state levels. The fully online courses give students a change to balance school and life obligations.

This for-profit school has just 1,661 undergraduate students. However, Sullivan welcomes all students who apply, giving students an excellent opportunity to continue their education, even if they don’t do well on standardized tests. 

Degree: BS in Justice and Public Safety Administration

10. Northwestern State University of Louisiana

The Northwestern State University of Louisiana has a BS in Unified Public Safety Administration. This online public safety degree prepares students to meet the growing demand for UPSA professionals. NSU’s public safety degree online helps learners get ready for entry-level careers in local, state, and federal agencies. Homeland security and cybercrime require a new kind of public safety professional. learn the interpersonal skills needed to excel in specialized roles. There are four-degree specialties, including Public Facilities Management, Law Enforcement Administration, Emergency Management Administration, and Fire and Emergency Medical Service Administration.

Northwestern State Louisiana enjoys a solid reputation. This public university offers students outside its physical location in Natchitoches, Louisiana, to benefit from the school’s online degree offerings. By reaching a greater number of students, NSL opens the door for single parents, working professionals and others to earn their bachelor’s degrees. This mid-size institution has more than 6,300 undergraduates. Eight out of 10 applicants get the nod from the Northwestern State Louisiana’s admissions board. This equates to an 82% acceptance rate. Although many students choose public safety, the most popular majors are Liberal Arts and Humanities, Business and Nursing, ensuring a diverse student body. 

Degree: BS in Unified Public Safety Administration

Why Should I Get My Public Safety Bachelor’s Online?

Online public service degrees are valuable for fulfilling continuing education requirements. Individuals who have received licenses and certifications as part of their job must attend so many hours of continuing education classes each year. Every license or certification has a specific number and may vary from industry to industry. Enrolling in an online Public Safety degree program allows the student to fulfill their obligations while they remain on the job. The on-the-job training they receive reinforces the lessons they are learning online.

The convenience of obtaining a Public Safety online degree makes it easy to get the education you need to reach your professional goals. Flexible schedules allow students to maintain a 40-hour per week work schedule and still be able to study when they are able. Students are not tied to a strict classroom schedule that may limit their ability to spend the time they need on each lesson. Online courses make it extremely easy to earn a degree and can actually provide students with the time they need to fully understand what they are being taught.

Why Should I Get a Degree in Public Safety Administration and Management?

Earning a degree in public safety can also be beneficial if you enjoy positions that involve quality control and public safety. Organizations like OSHA are dedicated to keeping work environments as safe and accident-free as possible. Individuals who are hired as inspectors or engineers within these organizations and leave their job each day knowing that they played a role in keeping employees safe while at they are at work.

Another reason for earning a degree in public safety management is an excellent opportunity for advancement. Many people who enter into the public safety administration and management field, do so because of their ability to continue to move up through the chain of command. Public health concerns and safety conditions in work environments are continually being addressed. This means that by returning to school the student will be able to keep up with the current trends and topics that need to be addressed on a regular basis.

What If I Don’t Need a Bachelor’s Degree?

Individuals who have been employed in public safety positions for many years may not need to return to school to earn a Bachelor’s degree. Instead, they may be able to rely on the knowledge and skills they have received by working in the field for so many years. By obtaining a public safety certification or a public safety telecommunicator certification, individuals can use the new credentials to add substance to everything they have learned in the past. By earning a certification, employees can verify that they know and understand many of the concepts and protocols used in public safety administration and management.

Individuals who have to take continuing education courses to maintain their current certifications only need a few hours a year. Instead of spending the time and money to take an entire Bachelor’s degree program, a public safety certification will do well for the intended purpose. In most cases, this type of certification will provide the most up to date information possible. It will also fulfill the requirements for continuing education hours as well. Almost all public safety certification programs can be taken online allowing the student to work and study at the same time.

Individuals who enroll in online certification classes are guaranteed a flexible schedule as well as the same quality education as if they had participated in a certification class in a classroom setting. In some cases, the student is better able to retain the information they learn in an online format because they are able to spend the time they need with each lesson. Certification programs can be used to provide up to date information and trends as well as give individuals the credentials they need to apply for more advanced positions.

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