10 Best Criminal Justice Government Jobs

The best Criminal Justice government jobs offer careers from law enforcement to emergency management with good pay and excellent benefits.

1. Criminal Justice Administration

Criminal Justice Admins are great Government Jobs. With a degree in criminal justice administration, a person will be well equipped to obtain many types of job positions. Most of these jobs focus on dealing with criminals as well as helping prevent future crimes from taking place. The exact requirements to obtain the different jobs found within criminal justice administration do vary, so it is important for a person to first identify the criteria that will need to be met before applying for a job.

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Common criminal justice careers found within criminal justice administration are those relating to probation officers, police officers, and corrections officers. Most of these job positions require that a person be at least 21 years of age before applying for a job position, and some have age maximum limits. In order to become any of these officers, most people have to meet certain educational requirements as well as pass different examinations including physical agility tests.

2. Criminal Justice Lobbyist

The criminal justice system is a complex system based upon a very simple idea. Government creates laws to punish bad people. The justice system evolves to handle the tasks. It isn’t a one-way street though. The role of the criminal justice system is integral for the success of the law itself. In order for its best interests to be served, they require people to approach and lobby the lawmakers. This is where a criminal justice lobbyist comes into play. Their job is to go to government locations where laws are created (state capitols or the halls of the national congress) and look to serve the interests of their organization.

Lobbyists as a whole are in increasing demand since more and more companies are looking for a government “in.” This translates over to the criminal justice system. As we deal with more crime and criminals, the need for those who will ensure the system’s best interest is kept in mind will be incredibly necessary.

3. Emergency Management

People who are employed in an emergency management position are tasked with planning and implementing disaster-related strategies; such as evacuation, housing, coordination of emergency personnel, and public information sessions. They must be prepared for all types of emergencies; including earthquakes, hurricanes, floods, hostage situations, and power outages.

During non-emergency times, these individuals must keep up-to-date on various federal regulations and adjust their emergency plans accordingly.

4. Emergency Management Salaries

If you are considering a career in this field, you must plan your education well in advance. A degree in criminal justice, public administration, or a similar area of concentration is necessary. Depending on the position, a master’s degree may be required as well.

Once candidates are hired in this type of career, they will receive extensive on-the-job training which may take months to complete. Emergency managers earn an average of $85,000. This number can vary depending on the location of the employee.

5. Federal Legislator

Federal legislators are great Government Jobs. The people elected to represent their district or state in Congress. They are also known as senators or representatives. Federal legislators must be elected into their positions. They balance their time between Washington, D.C., and their district where they listen to the concerns of their constituents and carry them back to the federal government to act upon them.

In addition to passing federal legislation based on the interests of the people they represent, federal legislators may also work on or even lead important government committees depending on their seniority. These committees may work on issues such as education, national security, or foreign relations. Federal legislators are responsible for balancing the interests of their constituency with the larger interests of the country as a whole. The annual base salary of a federal legislator is around $175,000, but legislators with additional responsibilities are paid more.

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6. IRS Special Agent

Individuals who work as IRS Special Agents investigate criminal tax violations, money laundering scams, and other relevant financial crimes. Special Agents are trained in a number of different areas; including terrorism financing, drug financing and legal source tax crime.

Individuals who would like to work for the IRS as Special Agents should obtain a degree in criminal justice. Above the normal degree requirements, the Internal Revenue Service selects candidates who have completed coursework in accounting, business, economics, or a similar field. They also provide on-the-job training for new hires.

7. Political Scientist

The world we live in seems to be increasingly defined and divided by politics. “We are on a downward spiral thanks to our incompetent leaders,” much say. However, we’ve been facing most of the same issues (or at least the same breed of such) since politicians first formed. How and why these sorts of instances occur are left to those studying political science.

Political science isn’t a core science like mathematics and physics. However, it does look at information and data through the scientific method. A Political Scientist is one who analyzes the political makeup either within the populous, in government, or even through an international paradigm. Many who study political science go on to work in government or education. Their goal is to analyze this complexity and try to make sense of it all. They often carry master’s degrees and are paid over $100,000 a year. There isn’t a lot of growth in the field, but there will always be at least some need for people that can dissect what our leaders are doing. And what they have always done.

8. Public Administrator

A public administrator is someone who can find employment through an assortment of avenues; however, this type of administrator is usually someone who is employed through a government agency. Some public administrators are consultants or lawmakers. There are numerous public administrators who find employment through non-profit entities such as a hospital. In order to become this type of administrator, a person will need to obtain a master’s degree as well as have strong administration skills.

There are different types of master’s degrees that people can obtain to become a public administrator. Common degrees are those that are focused in education, law, or public administration. In order to be admitted into a graduate school to obtain a master’s degree, many universities and colleges require that a student pass an entrance exam. It is imperative that a person have strong math skills, great communication capabilities, and also top-notch organization skills if he or she wants to work in public administration.

9. State Legislator

The United States is famous for what is known as its federal system. This refers to the fact that all citizens follow the rules of more than one entity. We follow the ordinances of our towns, the codes of our county, the laws of our state, and the laws of our central government. This is the nature of federalism.

Federalism also opens up positions for those to become involved with their state governments. State lawmakers hold one of the most important job in maintaining the system’s integrity. They help inspire ideas in the leaders of the nation and protect the balance between state and national rights.

State lawmakers aren’t a uniform bunch. Each state has different requirements in terms of experience and citizenship as dictated by their constitution. The pay varies from state to state as well. What remains constant, however, is the imperative nature of this profession.

10. US Postal Inspector

A United States postal inspector is different from the average USPS worker. This type of inspector is many times given the title of a detective. In order to become employed at a post office as a postal inspector, a person must have strong management skills as well as superb detective capabilities. A person will also need to have a bachelor’s degree from an accredited college or university. This type of inspector must apply for an inspector position between the ages of 21 and 36.

In addition to the above-mentioned requirements, a person will also have to pass a background check. Any felony convictions or misdemeanor domestic violence convictions will cause a person to not successfully pass a background check. Furthermore, a United States postal inspector must pass drug tests and a rigorous physical exam. There are certain health issues that can possibly disqualify a person from being a good inspector candidate.