What is a Forensic Science Technician?

A forensic science technician is an individual who researches crime scenes. They use a specialized process to ensure they don’t contaminate the evidence when they’re at the scene. These individuals may return to the laboratory or office — or may only work in the lab — and perform an analysis on the items. Forensic science technicians may perform testing and possibly a technical analysis of the evidence. The exact duties of a forensic technician depend on whether he or she works on-site or at the laboratory. Some technicians may have only one responsibility or may conduct both field and laboratory work. 

What Are Forensic Science Technician Education Requirements?

To thoroughly understand what is a forensic science technician, a person must understand what the education requirements are. The first step requires a person to complete a college education in a science-related field of study. Generally, those who want to obtain a career in this field need to have at least a bachelor’s degree in a science-related field like biology or chemistry. A person may also decide to study these programs because they focus on DNA, toxicology, or pathology, which are often necessary topics a technician covers while working. Individuals who decide they would like to enter this field may want to earn an undergraduate degree in natural sciences and continue on to earn a master’s degree in forensic science

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Those who are wondering how to become a forensic science technician may want to consider attending college and becoming a police officer. A person may enter into this field and be qualified to fulfill the forensic science job description without earning a degree focused on science. However, someone looking to take this route should complete basic courses in natural science in college. 

What Does a Forensic Science Technician Do?

To answer what does a forensic scientist do, people have to take into account the forensic science technician job description varies depending on where a person works. In terms of forensic science technician information for those who work on crime scenes, the primary responsibilities include evaluating the scene and determining what’s relevant to solving the crime. For instance, a person working in this field might need to collect fingerprints, bodily fluids, and weapons. The tech gathers this evidence and may take photographs of the scene and any evidence. Cataloging and preserving the samples for the lab is often a job requirement.

When a person searches for forensic science technician information about what does a forensic science technician do, it’s important to understand what happens when a technician works in a lab. This position requires a person to use a microscope and perform chemical or biological testing on items from the crime scene. Sometimes, the person in the laboratory uses DNA and other elements of science to perform an analysis and solve a crime. The job may require computer work.  

Where Do Forensic Science Technicians Work?

A technician may work in a local or state government facility. In fact, that’s where a majority of individuals in this field have employment. Medical and diagnostic laboratories as well as testing laboratories hire individuals in this field. When a person considers where do forensic science technicians work, it’s important to understand that these individuals may work evening or night shifts or have a staggered shift? Individuals in labs usually have a set schedule but may have to work outside of these hours when necessary.  

How Much Does a Forensic Science Technician Make? 

When deciding on a career like this, it’s vital to consider the answer to “How much does a forensic science technician make?” According to the Bureau of Labor and Statistics, the average forensic technician makes $58,230 per year, which is equivalent to $27.99 per hour.

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