Muhammad Abdullah Khalil Hussain Ar-Rahayyal

4 thoughts on “Muhammad Abdullah Khalil Hussain Ar-Rahayyal”

  1. some human says:

    i am so so sorry i know i sound insane but i forgot to mention your hair again. Soooo …Can i have it???

  2. some human says:

    hiiiiii did i mention your hair? does your hair taste good? can i eat your hair??? can i? can i not? please? can i get a free therapist?? can i get a free beard? and mustache? can i get your mustache and beard?

  3. some human says:

    i’m sorry for insulting your beard and mustache they look good can i eat them.

  4. some human says:

    heyyyyyyy you are sooo messy go get a haircut YOU look like a criminal and please fix your’e beard and mustache

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