Top Android Apps for Police Officers

Here is a list of the Top Android Apps for Police Officers. If you are interested in this work then follow along to learn more. The following Android apps help to give law enforcement agents that extra edge they need to get the job done.

SAS Survival Guide

SAS Survival is a big name in the world of survivalist literature. This fantastic app condenses decades of knowledge, information and experience into a format that’s easy to use even in dire situations. With pictures of edible and poisonous plants, thorough instructions on how to survive extreme climates and techniques for performing basic medical procedures, the SAS Survival Guide could keep an officer — and civilians in his or her care — alive in a crisis. Complete with a sun compass and Morse Code signalling device, this app is something that everyone should have on their phone. Grab it here.

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Droid Law

The ultimate legal resource for criminal justice on the go, Droid Law makes it easy to quickly reference many aspects of the law. From federal and state laws to a seemingly endless list of regulations, codes, and procedures, this incredible legal database has everything legal reference a police officer could wish for. Surprisingly easy to use, Droid Law lets users quickly bookmark, highlight and add notes to text. Snag it here.

Police Spanish

For members of law enforcement who do not speak Spanish, this app is much more useful than a translation dictionary. With access to both text and audio versions of simple phrases and “yes or no” questions, police officers can avoid miscommunication and obtain important information. Get it here.


A calendar application designed specifically with police officers in mind, CopApp! makes it easy to keep track of rotating schedules. Users are able to easily modify schedules, highlight entire weeks for notation and keep track of squad rotations and court dates. Go here to pick it up.

FBI Most Wanted

This app delivers all of the FBI’s breaking news alerts, most important lists and most recent press releases directly to a smartphone. Police officers can frequently refresh their memories with pictures and details of missing children, fugitives, terrorists and other FBI priorities, possibly improving their criminal justice career by increasing their chances of finding a target! Get this here.

U.S. Cop

With over 1,000 pages of content, this is one of the best available mobile applications for police officers. Organized into several sections such as Case Law, Training and Traffic, this app provides information on everything from pill identification to license plate laws. Subsections feature interview reminders, equations and other information that help officers safely complete thorough investigations. Pick it up here.

iCrimeFighter LE

Perfect for gathering evidence, iCrimeFighter LE lets police officers document data and photographs with GPS, date and time stamps. This app also makes it possible to take notes, record verbal statements and track crime trends. Of course, this system is extremely secure and can be used in full compliance with agency server guidelines.


Referred to as V.I.S., the Vehicle Identification System app helps police officers visually identify the make and model of almost every type of vehicle. The crisp and clear images featured on the V.I.S. application make it easier for officers, witnesses and victims to identify and search for suspect vehicles. Locate it here.

Pocket First Aid and CPR

Endorsed by the American Heart Association, the Pocket First Aid and CPR application could be the difference between life and death in an emergency. Featuring hundreds of pages of concise and searchable content that explain burns, bruises, seizures, choking, CPR, bites and many more ailments, this app can help a police officer save a life if emergency personnel are delayed. Get first aid help here.

Field Contact

Proudly designed for police officers by other members of law enforcement, Field Contact is a convenient way to organize everything that needs to be documented while out in the field. Contact information, photographs, notes and more can be securely stored and shared between officers, making crucial information instantly available to everyone that can help solve a case. Of course, all of the data in the app is encrypted and secured by password, keeping sensitive information private from the public. Get Organized!


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