What Can I Do With a Bachelor’s in Criminal Justice?

The versatility afforded to people earning a criminal justice degree makes it one of the most popular degree programs today. Criminal justice schools provide associate’s, bachelor’s and master’s degree programs that dispense wide-ranging information concerning everything from theories of crime and criminology to cutting-edge forensic science techniques used to solve murders, rapes and other insidious acts. Further, the interdisciplinary nature of a cj degree allows graduates of criminal justice colleges the ability to apply for positions in fields as dissimilar as jail and prison corrections and urban social work.

Can I Use My Criminal Justice Degree in Law Enforcement?

A criminal justice degree can be used in many different fields, but it is especially valuable when it comes to law enforcement. With a bachelor’s degree in criminal justice, you can pursue almost any position within that particular field. The skills this type of degree provides can be used by anyone in the field of law enforcement. This includes patrol officers and individuals who work in the administrative offices. Having a solid understanding of the concepts included in the criminal justice field will help law enforcement personnel perform their duties more efficiently.

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The skills that are taught in a Bachelor’s Criminal Justice degree program can be effectively used by investigative researchers, forensic technicians, laboratory technicians, evidence technicians, detectives, as well as positions in the upper levels of management. Criminal justice courses are required for officers trying to move up in the police force ranks as well. While many of these courses are presented on their own, enrolling in a Criminal Justice Bachelor’s degree program will offer you the most benefits.

Can I Find Jobs with a Criminal Justice Bachelor Degree in the Legal Field?

In addition to offering skills to individuals in the law enforcement field, a Bachelor’s in Criminal Justice can also be used in the legal field as well. Much of the work performed in the legal field is based on uncovering facts and helping to determine guilt or innocence. A Bachelor’s degree in Criminal Justice will give you the skills you need to perform many investigative tasks that are required in the legal field. Being able to identify evidence, secure it, categorize it, and properly store it are all essential skills in both the legal field as well as the law enforcement field.

Part of criminal justice involves dealing with the laws that are used to maintain order. Understanding how to apply those laws is what the legal field is all about. With a criminal justice degree, you can bring both concepts together. You have a working knowledge of how to deal with criminal behavior as well as how to solve cases and bring justice to the victims. Criminal justice is used to fill in the gaps between law enforcement and those who uphold the law in the legal field.

Will a Bachelor’s Degree in Criminal Justice Allow Me to Take Managerial Positions?

A Bachelor’s degree in criminal justice will prepare you to take on many new opportunities within your chosen career field. With a Bachelor’s degree, you will receive the skills you need to be able to look at scenarios and identify potential clues that will help you determine what happened. This is the primary process used in both law enforcement and the legal field. As you continue to move forward through your degree program, specializations will be identified that will allow you to pursue a specific career in many different fields.

Many who choose a Bachelor’s degree in Criminal Justice often do so because they are already employed in an area where their skills will help them advance their careers. Years of experience combined with a Bachelor’s degree in Criminal Justice will allow the graduate to explore different employment opportunities that may be offered either through their current employer or by other companies that are in the same business.

Where Can I Find the Best Jobs with a Criminal Justice Bachelor Degree?

Finding jobs with a criminal justice bachelor’s degree isn’t difficult. Knowing what type of work you are interested in when you first enroll is an important guiding factor. Individuals who are in law enforcement can find several different jobs simply by checking with their local police departments, sheriff’s offices, and private investigators. Administrative positions or working within the jail are all possibilities that will allow you to get your foot in the door if you plan on working with law enforcement.

There are also many positions that can be found in the legal field, homeland security, personal/home security, and several others. Finding an entry-level position in any of these fields will give you the foundation to build a solid career. Once you have a job within the field of your choice, earning your degree is the logical next step. As you continue to gain experience, the skills you learn can begin to guide your career path. The closer you get to graduation, the more opportunities you will be able to take into consideration.


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