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Have you ever wondered, Are Free Online Criminal Justice Courses Worth It? There are very few “free” online criminal justice training courses to be found. Any quality education you receive, free or otherwise is most definitely worth it. In some cases, a student may be able to receive a refresher course or be asked to audit a specific class. The class may be free but, depending on the circumstances, may not provide the student with the class credits a paying student may receive. A school that offers an advanced certification program may offer a student a complimentary class to see if it is something they want to pursue. In this instance, the student will only get class credit if they choose to enroll in the program.

Grants and scholarship programs can be applied for to help students cut down the cost of their education. In most cases, they are one-time gifts that the student can use to pay for tuition, books, or other expenses related to their education. There are also recurring gifts that will be paid each year the student is enrolled. The money received through grants and scholarships is considered a gift and does not have to be paid back. Student loans, on the other hand, must be paid back. In most cases, payments will be deferred until after the student graduates. If a student doesn’t want to worry about student loans, applying for scholarships and grants that can be applied to online criminal justice programs is the way to go.

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Participating in an employer education reimbursement plan is another way to get a “free” education. The student may have to pay for their classes upfront, but if they pass all of their courses each semester, their employer will reimburse them for all or at least part of the cost. Many employers will offer this benefit to employees who show high potential for leadership or advancement into management-level occupations. This not only gives the student an incentive to return to school but also benefits the employer as well.

Can I Get a Free Online Criminal Justice Certificate?

Most online criminal justice certificates have some type of price tag. In many situations, you may be able to defer the cost by having your employer pay part or all of the costs. Online criminal justice certificates are extremely affordable and provide valuable information to students who are already working in the criminal justice field. Spending the money to earn a certificate can provide the credentials that are needed to move up the chain of command. With the new responsibilities will also come an increase in pay. While this will not make the course “free”, it will allow the course to pay for itself over time.

Professionals who have been working in the criminal justice field for years may be able to get a discount on an online criminal justice certificate if they take the course to meet their continuing education requirements. While the program may not be completely free, the reduced cost will go a long way in helping the students pay for their education. Employer reimbursement programs are also helpful in this type of situation and benefits both the employee as well as the company they work for. Certificate programs are a great way to supplement an employee’s knowledge without having to enroll in a two or four-year degree program.

Do I Need Free Criminal Justice Continuing Education Courses Online?

Even though everyone would like to get their education for free, certificates and degree programs will always carry some form of cost. If a person has a license in any criminal justice field, continuing education courses will be required each year to keep their license and credentials in good standing. Criminal justice continuing education courses online can be paid for in a variety of ways. They can be paid for through grants, scholarships, short-term personal loans, or employer reimbursement programs. If a student is employed full-time, the company they work for will almost always pay for all or at least a percentage of their continuing education courses.

Online criminal justice continuing education courses offer students up to date information they will need to continue to perform their duties in an effective manner. Most state licensing and certification organizations require a minimum number of continuing education credits each year. If these requirements are not met, the student may lose their credentials and have to start over by reapplying to take their certification test. In most cases, anywhere from two to ten continuing education credits are required over a one or two-year period are required to keep a certificate or license in good standing.

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