Criminal Justice in Georgia


The criminal justice profession can be a rewarding and stable career. It includes jobs such as probation officer, sheriff, detective, and more. The public sector offers many opportunities for those looking to start a career in law enforcement or other related professions. Many criminal justice experts seek work in Georgia.

Georgia is one of the most popular places in the world to find criminal justice career opportunities. With its diverse culture and excellent cost of living, Georgia is a great place for anyone looking for a new job.

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Of course, if you’re seeking a criminal justice career in Georgia, then you may have some questions. Whether you’ve recently graduated, are looking for degree programs, or have been working in the field for years, having the right information can help. Read on to learn more about common careers, the Georgia job market, and more.

What are the Common Criminal Justice Jobs in Georgia?

Some of the most common jobs for people who have a criminal justice degree include police officer, corrections officer, and security guard.

Police officers are responsible for maintaining order within their jurisdiction by enforcing laws and responding to calls for service. Working as a police officer requires patience, good communication skills, and physical fitness.

Corrections officers work to maintain order within prisons or jails by enforcing the discipline of inmates or detainees with the goal of reforming them.

Security guards work for schools and private companies, patrolling the grounds to maintain safety.

Criminal justice jobs are plentiful in Georgia. Georgia’s most common criminal justice jobs mirror the rest of the United States. Criminal justice professionals can find jobs in law enforcement, corrections, probation, parole, and juvenile justice.

Do I Have to Work in Law Enforcement?

You don’t have to work in law enforcement if you earn a criminal justice degree. Criminal justice majors can pursue jobs as forensic scientists, security professionals, and more. The justice system in Georgia consists of judicial courts, law enforcement agencies, prosecutor’s offices, and correctional facilities. All of these agencies need people with some criminal justice knowledge.

Your criminal justice degree can help you in other fields, too. A criminal justice degree can help you pursue a job in the field of social work, for example. The skills learned during your time in school can give you an edge over other applicants. Your expertise can also help you sharpen your advocacy skills.

Criminal justice majors can also find careers in mental health counseling, too. With a bachelor’s degree in criminal justice and a master’s in counseling or social work, you could counsel former criminals or those who have struggled with the law. If you’re interested in the administration side of the criminal justice system, you may find a job as a court officer, investigator, inspector, or crime analyst.

You could also become a paralegal, court reporter, bailiff, or any number of other things. If a job requires advocacy and legal knowledge, a criminal justice degree can help you succeed in it.

How is the Job Market in Georgia?

The job market in Georgia is strong. A lot of applicants find success there. The state’s unemployment rate has fallen to 3.2% this year, the lowest since 2001.

But what about criminal justice jobs in particular? For those with criminal justice degrees, there are many jobs available in Georgia. Georgia employs thousands of correctional officers, investigators, court reporters, and more. Those numbers don’t include social workers, counselors, and other non-criminal justice jobs that one could get with a criminal justice degree.

What are the Best Cities for Criminal Justice Jobs?

Georgia has many opportunities for criminal justice jobs, and you can find those opportunities all over the state. That said, regardless of whether you are an undergraduate student or already have a job in this industry, it is always advisable to check out the best cities for criminal justice jobs in Georgia.

When it comes to job availability, big cities usually provide the most options. The metropolitan areas, such as Atlanta and Savannah, have the most criminal justice jobs in Georgia. As a matter of fact, Atlanta has one of the highest demands for criminal justice professionals in the United States.

When considering where to find these jobs, it’s important to think about your personal needs and preferences as well as current living costs. For example, if you want a lower cost of living and housing prices but don’t mind the colder temperatures, try out Dalton or Athens.

Overall, the best place for your criminal justice career is the place that will meet your needs.


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