Should I Get an CSI Certification?

Once you have your bachelor’s or master’s in forensics, you still have to consider whether a CSI certification will help with your career. After all, it’s a competitive job market for careers in crime scene investigation, and getting the right certification can help put you over the top.

What are the Requirements to Enroll in CSI Certification Programs?

If you are interested in enrolling in a CSI certification program, there are plenty of requirements to meet. They are as follows:

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  1. The first requirement is that you must be actively employed by law enforcement. 
  2. You must also have at least 2 years of experience in crime scene processing.
  3. You will also need to complete at least 50 hours of crime scene processing courses.
  4. You must complete the application form for certification with the ICSIA.
  5. Must pass a comprehensive 100-question written exam. 
  6. Must also pass a paper mock crime scene written test. 
  7. The macro photography assessment also requires the submission of digital photos.
  8. You must also submit photos of a digital night scene. 
  9. You must have worked on at least three actual crime scenes and submit the following:
    A.  Digital photographs of the scenes.
    B.  Digital photos of all associated evidence (such as Shoe Print, FP, Tiretrack, Toolmark, Wounds, Bite Marks, etc.)
    C.  A comprehensive report of the crime scenes.
    D.  A complete list of evidence collected.
    E.  A sketch of the crime scene.
    • Here are the three types of crime scenes that must be submitted for assessment:
      • An Outdoor Crime Scene
      • An Indoor Crime Scene
      • A Motor Vehicle Crime Scene
  10. Lastly, You must submit an affidavit that lists everything you have submitted and asserts that this is your own work and not the work of others.

What is the International Association for Identification (IAI)?

For those who are yet unfamiliar, the International Association for Identification (IAI) is the world’s oldest and largest forensic organization. This association represents a wide array of knowledgeable and talented professionals who come together to educate, critique, publish, share research and techniques in relation to physical forensic science disciplines. Additionally, the organization seeks to improve and enlarge science and forensic crime detection and identification, facilitate networking among leaders and up and comers in the field, and more. 

How Do You Get an IAI Certification?

When it comes to getting an IAI certification, there are plenty of things to be considered. Firstly, all applicants must have been employed full-time in a position that involves crime scene-related duties within the past 5 years. Moreover, those who are to be accepted must be:

  • Of good moral character
  • Of high integrity
  • Have a good reputation
  • Have a high standing in ethics and professionally

In other words, those who get certified must already have full-time experience in the field and be of impeccable moral and ethical standards. 

What is the American College of Forensic Examiners Institute (ACFEI)?

The American College of Forensic Examiners Institute is an independent, scientific, and professional organization that represents forensic professionals on a global scale. This association promotes the continued advancement of the forensic field by focusing on the importance of spreading the proper tools and information, specifically. Through the use of education, credentials, as well as basic and advanced training, this organization has managed to elevate the standards within the field of forensic science. Rather than focusing on wins versus losses, the ACFEI believes that those who work in the forensic field should be focusing on being ethical and truthful by processing each scene in a manner that is in line with their organizational standards. 

What are the benefits of enrolling in the ACFEI?

There are plenty of benefits of becoming a member of the ACEFI. Some of which are as follows:

  • Supplement Education: One of the top benefits of joining the ACCEI is that it can be a great method of supplementing your education. Since the forensic field is one that is complex and ever-changing, finding ways to continue or boost your education is vital. Joining the ACFEI is a way to do just that. For instance, there are plenty of free online courses offered by the organization, that allow you to boost your knowledge and learn at your own pace. 
  • Networking Potential: Moreover, this also offers immense networking potential. One of the best ways to elevate your career is by meeting people who are already working in the field. However, this can be difficult when you are limited to those who live and work in your own area. Luckily, the ACFEI can serve as a massive database of people working in forensics all over the world. This gives members the opportunity to meet others, travel, and potentially relocate if they so desire. 
  • American College of Forensic Examiners International Journal: Lastly, a major benefit of the joining the ACFEI is that you gain access to the American College of Forensic Examiners International journal. In it, you will find case studies, research, as well as the latest news regarding the forensic field. 

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