What Can I Do with a Fire Science Degree?

Careers involving fire include various essential professions. If you enter a fire science degree program, you will be taught how to predict where and when a fire is most likely to occur and how to react in each situation. Fire science has precise rules about the definition of fire, its classification, and the way it works. The fires have been classified into different categories, their fuels grouped and their identifications clearly defined. Understanding the different types of fire means knowing the best possible method to prevent and fight them.

What Can I Do With A Fire Science Degree?

Want to know the answer to ‘what can I do with a fire science degree?” With a high school diploma, you can work as a firefighter, but you probably would have to hold an entry level job with less pay. However, with an advanced fire science degree, you have better options. You would be able to apply for a wide range of fire science degree jobs. Whether you hold a degree or diploma, you would still have to go through the obvious training. However, with a degree, you would have more advanced career opportunities. With your degree, you can hold different career positions such as:

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  • Firefighter
  • Fire Inspector
  • Arson Investigator
  • Fire Protection Engineer
  • Fire Safety Officer
  • Fire Department Administrator

What Is It That Firefighters Do?

Fire department jobs are always welcomed because there is always a response to emergency fires, auto accidents and any kind of emergency rescues. If you were to take this job, you would have to be ready to fight raging fires and other emergency issues as simple as rescuing a cat from the top of a building. During training, you will learn how to react to an emergency including giving someone medical attention and fighting fires. Firefighters assume various duties when they arrive at the scene of a fire. They are expected to use heavy equipment when needed to rescue fire victims who may be trapped.

Even though a firefighter may try to save the building and the contents, the real focus is saving lives. As a firefighter, you can expect to encounter hazardous and grave conditions. So, you must be mentally prepared. To advance in any fire jobs, you should work hard to be noticed for your bravery. Before long, you could step up in ranks and become a Lieutenant Engineer, one of the Fire Protection Engineer jobs and possibly a Chief Firefighter; especially with higher education.

What Are The Options Related To A Firefighter Position?

You can become a conventional firefighter in a fire department. This is one of the fire safety jobs that are well respected in the nation and around the world. Every fire department has its own practices as it relates to preventing fires and fighting them. However, the USFA tries to have uniformed safety measures for firefighters across the United States through control and prevention. If you received one of the jobs within the fire department, you have the option of working in a large or small department where it is funded by the government or independently owned. If you wanted quick growth, you should consider working in a large fire department to get recognition. In addition, more jobs are available at a larger department where you could not only become a firefighter, but also assume one of the arson investigator jobs or fire department administration.

What Are The Other Fire Related Careers?

If you don’t want to become a firefighter, a fire science degree can propel you in other significant avenues. Below, you will find some options to consider for a fire safety officer job description:

Emergency Medical Assistance

With a fire science degree, you can pursue a job as an EMT or paramedic. This job is very fast paced and intense. You would provide emergency medical aid to the victims at the scene of a fire and at the scene of an accident; among other similar events. You should be able to land a career quickly after completing your degree. The salary depends on the kind of work environment you are in and your location; including experience and training.  With a high school diploma, you can expect to earn a median salary of $14.10, but with an advanced fire science degree, you should expect as much as $27 per hour.

Fire Inspector

You probably have heard about forests and national parks burning; especially in the state of California and firefighters are sent in, but specifically fire inspectors to observe the fire and find its cause. This profession is important to fighting fires. Yes, this is one of the fire inspector jobs that carry a lot of responsibilities including fire prevention strategies and introducing fire safety procedures and regulations and making sure that building permits are up to date. In addition to this, fire inspectors have the responsibility of inspecting building structures; both inside and outside to discern fire hazards. They will also ensure that the fire laws are executed, altered when necessary and followed by all.

What Kind Of Salary Should I Expect With A Fire Science Degree?

With a fire science degree, you should expect to receive an average salary of $46,332 as a firefighter. For a fire inspector, the salary is roughly $52,416 average. For the fire officers, the median salary is $57,590. For fire chiefs, the expected average salary is $73,253. These stats were provided by the Bureau of Labor Statistics as of March 2017.

What Are the Employment Prospects?

The growth for firefighters continues to grow at 5% and the growth is expected to go up between 2014 and as we approach 2024. As long as there are medical emergencies and fires, there will be a demand for individuals with a fire science degree.

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