What Can I Do with a Master’s in Forensic Psychology?

When you are looking into jobs for master’s in forensic psychology professionals, you will want to have a few options to consider for your personal goals. Forensic psychology offers a variety of opportunities to students who are considering a profession that combines psychology with criminal justice or law enforcement.

Jury Consultant

The obvious choice for a master’s in forensic psychology jobs is working as a jury consultant or an expert witness. A jury consultant works directly in the criminal justice system by assisting with the process of selecting an unbiased jury for court cases. The consultant may help with the process of choosing jurors for a case or hold focus groups to evaluate the effectiveness of an argument. In some cases, a jury consultant may also work as an expert witness for a law firm or prosecutor’s office. 

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Jail Supervisor

Forensic psychology jobs with a master’s degree may also focus on working as a jail supervisor. A jail supervisor’s job focuses on keeping the staff and the individuals in a correctional facility safe. It also ensures that a correctional facility runs effectively and is able to keep up with the needs of the individuals in the facility. The position is a leadership role, so professionals must have effective communication skills and the ability to resolve conflict.

Correctional Treatment Specialist

What can I do with a master’s in forensic psychology? You can work as a correctional treatment specialist. Correctional treatment specialists focus on treating inmates who have a mental health condition that contributes to their criminal behaviors. The specialists may conduct psychological exams and work on release date plans with individuals in the facility. They may also take on a role as a counselor if the individual has an appropriate counseling license.

Victim Advocate

Individuals who prefer to work directly with victims and help them understand their legal rights may want to work as victim advocates. A victim advocate works with the victim to help them navigate the court system and understand the rights that apply to their case and situation. The focus of a victim advocate is educating the individual about their options, but they focus on support and do not tell the victim what to do throughout the process. 

Government Employee

Forensic psychology master’s degrees offer the opportunity to work as a government employee. The FBI, VA hospitals, CIA, and other federal organizations may work with forensic psychologists to apply psychological theories to the real world. Government careers allow professionals in forensic psychology to work in different areas of law enforcement, investigations, or related fields. In some cases, a forensic psychology degree offers an opportunity to work as a special agent or to get involved directly with law enforcement.

Police Consultant

Police consultants work directly with local police departments to help solve crimes or clarify information. In the case of a police consultant, a forensic psychologist may help with solving crimes or active measures taken to investigate a crime. A police consultant may also work with police officers and departments to find effective ways to engage with a local community. In some cases, they assist with services like suicide prevention training and anger management courses. 

The role of a police consultant may also revolve around police training. A forensic psychologist may work with the department to teach police officers better measures to handle individuals with mental health conditions or stressful situations. The goal of training with a psychologist is to teach police proper measures to deescalate a situation.

Forensic psychology degrees allow students to focus on a variety of career opportunities. Students can work directly in the court system or can focus on working directly with police officers. Alternatively, they can work with victims or federal agencies. The variety of options ensures that students can find something that appeals to their personal interests and goals.

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