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How Do I Become a Bounty Hunter?

Many people feel trapped by a regular office job and are simply not cut out for sitting behind a desk. Bounty hunting is sometimes dangerous, but it offers adrenaline junkies a job that is both exciting and financially rewarding. For those interested in international travel and meeting unique people every day, bounty hunting may be the job of their dreams.

What is a Bounty Hunter?
Bounty hunting began when the British government established their bail system in the late 17th century. At that time, the British government passed an act that guaranteed anyone accused from a crime could be released from jail for a certain amount of money known as bail.

When the accused left or “skipped” town after they made bail, a bounty would be put on their capture. The individuals brave enough to go out and search for these criminals became known as bounty hunters.

What is a bounty hunter’s job like today? They work under similar conditions, although there are more laws in place concerning the profession. Bounty hunters are usually hired by modern bail bondsmen to capture fugitives and are paid as much as 10 percent of the original bail set by a judge.

Researching Local Bail Laws
Bail laws vary by state. In order to obtain the highest paid bounties, one must be an expert at local bail laws. Researching these laws is as simple as studying them at the local library and getting to know criminal justice professionals in the area. Having various contacts, such as lawyers and bail bondsmen, will help aspiring bounty hunters to not only understand bail laws, but also make contacts in the field.

If a person is serious about becoming a professional bounty hunter, it may also be beneficial to attend a college program in criminal justice, psychology or sociology. These degrees will help them study the way criminals think in depth. They also give a person more credibility among professionals working in the industry.

Getting Proper Training
Although it is possible to train online, it is best to get experience with a professional bounty hunter that works in a specific area. Bounty hunting is often extremely dangerous because it requires professionals to interact with people that have questionable backgrounds. In-person training with a skilled bounty hunter will give beginners the education they need to protect themselves and do their job properly.

Getting Licensed in a Specific Area
Before someone starts working as a bounty hunter, it is important to become licensed. The process of obtaining licensing will vary depending on where an individual lives. Contacting the commissioner of public safety that works in a specific area is the first step to finding out more about this process. Professional bounty hunters will also be able to give novices more information on how to operate within the law.

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