What Can I Do with a Master of Legal Studies?

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People who pursue a master’s degree in legal studies often debate whether or not it’s worth the time and effort. Many don’t realize just how many jobs are available to those who actually work toward, and earn their Master’s degree. Is a master of legal studies worth it? In addition to doing legal research in an attorney’s office or for the courts, there are many other types of work that a degree in legal studies will prepare you for. Master of legal studies jobs can open a variety of doors for you. In some cases, you may even be able to work from home using an online platform.

Finding Online Legal Jobs

There are many online legal jobs that are ideal for individuals with a master’s degree in legal studies. Working as an independent contractor, you can assist attorneys in a variety of ways. You can help them build and maintain their websites, as well as perform legal research jobs on an as-needed basis. If you are well-versed in creating legal documents, you can also create legal documents or draft contracts. Attorneys who don’t have a paralegal in their office will more than likely be willing to hire you if you will work on an as-needed basis. This provides extra cash and can actually turn into a lucrative job, especially if you take on two or three attorneys at a time.

Online Legal Writing Jobs

If you enjoy writing and have experience in various types of law, you may be able to write blogs for your local attorneys. Attorneys need to keep their websites fresh with well-written content. Blogs that are easy to read and informative will guarantee that potential clients will continue to return to the page if they can find the answers they need. There are many legal websites like Nolo.com and FindLaw.com that may be willing to pay you for legal blogs. Accuracy is key and you may need to know the laws in several states, but once you get started, you may be surprised at the amount of work you have.

Legal Work at Home Opportunities

Working from home is everyone’s goal. Even those in the legal field sometimes look for ways to work from home. Legal transcription is one of the best work-at-home jobs in the legal field. While you may have to invest in certain pieces of equipment, you can create quite a career transcribing audio and video recordings like depositions, interviews, and statements. Many attorneys who have small offices will often allow their paralegals and other staff members to work from home to save space.

Is a Master’s in Legal Studies Worth It?

Your Master’s in legal studies is only worth it if you put it to good use. The average median salary for someone who has a Master’s degree in legal studies can be close to $55,000 per year. Some jobs may bring in less, while others may be double that amount, especially if you have several years of experience backing up your credentials. Versatility is the key and it’s essential that you continue to learn as much as you can as the legal field changes. Take the time to explore all of your opportunities and your list of careers in legal studies may surprise you.

Earning your Master’s degree in legal studies is quite an achievement. While you are still in school, start to explore the opportunities that are available to you! You may be surprised at some of the ways your degree can help you establish yourself in the career of your choice. Whether you work as a paralegal, a legal researcher, a writer or a transcriptionist, you are only limited by your own boundaries. Try something new and create a resume that is as diverse as you are. You may even take the next step and go to law school yourself. Once you have your Master’s in legal studies degree, the rest is up to you!

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