What are the Benefits of Getting a Master’s Degree in Criminal Justice?

What are the Benefits of Getting a Master’s Degree in Criminal Justice? Follow along and we can answer those questions for you.

For students who desire a career path in law enforcement, then getting a master’s in criminal justice is a good place to start. The duties of a criminal justice job require a person to have skills in communication, problem-solving, and creative writing. Knowledge of law, policy, and regulations are needed, including being able to handle stress and staying neutral in tight situations. Those who take on this job will maintain written records of cases, patrolling jurisdictions of their area of work, enforcing the law, and prosecuting crimes of the accused. The applicant will also be in charge of keeping suspects under their surveillance at all times.

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The Benefits of Getting a Masters Degree in Criminal Justice

There are many reasons to go into law enforcement or a subsidiary of the criminal justice system. There are a variety of job opportunities to make a career in and some positions will pay for school, such as a criminal justice program. Below is a short list of the benefits of getting a master’s degree in criminal justice.

1) rewarding opportunities- Keeping the public safe from criminals or predators is an important job and not many people are up to the task. There is much at stake when your boss is looking at you to make the effort to stop criminals in their tracks. Whether a graduate becomes a corrections officer, crime scene investigator, or a detective, the criminal justice position can be a rewarding position and can lead to promotions.

2) building new skills- The masters in criminal justice salary varies with each new job position. The more a graduate learns through the masters in criminal justice degree and on the job, the better skills to carry on to the next level and beyond.

3) Paid leave and retirement plans- The masters in criminal justice jobs salary provides many financial benefits as well. A criminal justice job allows the applicant to receive sick leave pay, vacation pay, service animal training, medical/health insurance, retirement pensions, and workman’s compensation. The job will also pay for continuing education for those interested.

The Criminal Justice Master’s Salary and Job Outlook

The criminal justice career path will bring many positive outcomes for students entering law enforcement. The best choice that a new student interested in law enforcement could make is getting a masters in criminal justice. According to the BLS, criminal justice job salaries can vary. For instance, law enforcement teachers make around $72,390 annually. On the other hand, Police detectives make around $63,380 per year. Correctional officers or probation officers make about $44,400 annually. However, it is reported that Forensic science technicians have made around $58,230. Whatever career path a graduate of a masters in criminal justice decides to take, there is much training and skills needed to become successful.

Bottom Line: So is a Master’s in Criminal Justice Worth It?

So the question remains, ”Is a master in criminal justice worth it?” Consider this, the more schooling one accomplishes, the better the job opportunities will be available. High-end degrees will also provide better-equipped applicants for more rewarding and higher-paid positions. In addition, the criminal justice field is constantly increasing. According to the BLS, the masters in criminal justice jobs salary are up by 17% since 2018. Another thing to think about is that there are so many positions within the criminal justice industry. Some positions can also be found in the legal system as legal assistants and paralegals. Bottom line, it all comes down to the student’s passion for criminal justice. As a result, the benefits of getting a masters degree in criminal justice definitely outweigh the challenges or disadvantages.

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