Criminal Justice in Michigan

For busy criminal justice professionals in Michigan who want to advance in their careers, an online degree can be key to making those steps. But where do you start with getting your degree and leveling up your Michigan criminal justice career?

How Do I Choose a Criminal Justice Degree Program in Michigan?

Choosing the school, you attend online is very important as you need to make sure that all the classes you take are credentialed and can be transferred. In the future, you may want to continue your education at a different school, so making sure all your credits are transferrable are key.

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One of the big advantages of pursuing a degree is that most schools now offer online criminal justice programs in Michigan. It is easy to navigate coursework when you can do it in your spare time and not be dependent on attending classes at a certain date or time. This is especially good for those that are working while they pursue their criminal justice degree.

Previously, many of the jobs available in criminal justice did not require a college degree, but more and more currently require at least an Associate in Science and Arts degree. Many schools offer criminal justice-focused classes and those that graduate will need to have at least 24 credits in criminal justice to qualify for many jobs in the local, state, and national sectors.

Some of the classes those seeking a degree in criminal justice may be required to take include:

  • Introduction to Criminology
  • Methods of Criminology Justice Research
  • Law Enforcement Intelligence Operations
  • Law and Forensic Science

Once you have a clear idea of what type of job you will pursue after obtaining your degree, you and your counselor can work together to determine the appropriate classes you should take or be required to take to get your degree.

How is the Job Market for Criminal Justice in Michigan?

Criminal justice jobs in Michigan look very promising today and for the future. There will always be a need for those in law enforcement and there are many jobs that those with a degree can expect to be employed unless they deem to go on to a different career. The most current ONET statistics provide even more information. Michigan criminal justice jobs are estimated to grow by 7% in the future, which is a bit higher than the national average which is around 6% growth.

According to information from the Michigan Wikipedia page, there are many jobs available in the state of Michigan, including the Detroit Police Department, which is very large and oversees Detroit and the surrounding areas.

Here is a sample of some other jobs recently available in the state:

  • 2+ state agencies
  • 82+ county agencies
  • 40+ township agencies
  • 379+ city/village agencies
  • 15+ college and university agencies
  • 7+ federal agencies

There are many career paths those with a criminal justice degree in Michigan can pursue, some of the most common jobs include:

Please be aware that not all of these careers are obtainable with just an associate’ degree; many require additional courses of study and more education.

One of the big factors that affect criminal justice jobs in Michigan depends on the political landscape and the state budget. These factors are the same in every state in the United States.

How Much Can I Make with a Criminal Justice Degree in Michigan?

Those that have received a degree in criminal justice in Michigan have great chances of obtaining a job. They can expect to retain their position or move up in ranks since there is always a demand for those in law enforcement. The demand in Detroit and the surrounding areas continue to increase as they always need police officers to fill the number of jobs available. 

According to the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics, the criminal justice salary in Michigan varies according to the job. But a good position is estimated to be around $31.33 per hour, which comes to about $65,170 per year. The salary may increase depending on how long the person is in the position and if they receive promotions or move into another job within the law enforcement field.

Many of those that take the lowest number of course hours needed, just to land a job in law enforcement or criminal justice. They often go back to school and get a higher degree to pursue bigger jobs with more responsibility and more money. 

Of course, all students should make sure that the cost they put into their education will be a good investment and lead to good jobs in the future.

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