What is Forensic Psychology?

A forensic psychology degree opens up a world of opportunities for a person. This area of study analyzes the relationship between human behavior and law. Individuals with a degree in this area of interest have the potential to work in law firms, prisons, schools, rehabilitation centers, and more. 

What Is Forensic Psychology?

When answering what is forensic psychology, a person has to understand that this form of mental health focuses on a relationship with the law. Since much of what a person holds in a position with assessing individuals, the clinical aspect of psychology is very important for these individuals. Additionally, a person must have an understanding of the law

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A person who has a forensic psychology degree may have the responsibility of conducting child custody evaluations to help the courts decide on the competency of parents. When determining what is this career all about, a person also has to understand that an individual in this field may have to conduct competency evaluations of criminals. Sometimes, the individual works with victims of a crime. A person with this degree may be the individual who has to screen law enforcement applicants. They could have to assess a person for post-traumatic stress disorder. Sometimes, a person in this field has to provide assessments and interventions for offenders. 

A person in forensic psychology is the one who determines if a person committed a crime in self-defense and assesses if a person is mentally capable of standing trial for a crime. Keep in mind, when answering what is forensic psychology all about, a person must consider that this area of this field is complex and includes consultations, assessments, investigations, research, and determining appropriate treatment programs. A person may work in a police station or have to work underneath a forensic psychologist elsewhere. 

What Does a Person Study in Forensic Psychology?

Another vital aspect of what is forensic psychology all about entails the education people receive during their time in a program. Usually, the program lasts two to three years. The person may take this type of program online, but a doctorate must be done at least partially on campus. During a student’s education, he or she learns what is the study of this field through at least one general course in this degree. However, since what is forensic psychology about entails much more than that; a student also takes courses in psychology and law, clinical assessment, psychotherapy, developmental psychology, ethics in psychology, and even childhood psychology. These courses are in addition to general education courses. 

What Is the Difference Between Criminal Psychology and Forensic Psychology?

When a person compares criminal psychology and forensic psychology, an individual must understand what is the study of this field. They believe there isn’t a difference. This is especially the case because when a person thinks about what is the difference between them, they recognize that both individuals work within the criminal justice system somehow. While sometimes a professional works with criminals, this isn’t always what they do. Someone in this field may use principles of psychology and apply them to the criminal justice system and the criminals within the criminal justice system. 

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