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Ohio is home to over 80 criminal justice programs. There are many opportunities for learning online or in the classroom with a wide range of degree types ranging from an associate degree to Ph.D. Rest assured your degree will be respected as many of Ohio’s programs are considered top-ranked in the nation. The average salary for criminal justice workers in Ohio is $64,820. Ranked in the top 10 for criminal justice job opportunities, Ohio has many different options available in the criminal justice field. However, some areas are projected to grow slower than others. For example, Police Officers only have a 2.7% growth. Private detectives are expected to grow the most with approximately 12% through 2020.

What are the common criminal justice jobs in Ohio?

A. If you are looking for common criminal justice jobs in Ohio, there are plenty of options. Some of the most common are:

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  • Lawyer: No matter which state you live in, lawyers are always in high demand. Ohio is no exception. Lawyers are tasked with providing counsel, representing businesses, government agencies, individuals, and more. They are also responsible for conducting research, collecting evidence, and much more. Lawyers also have a median annual salary of around $123,000, making it a highly lucrative career path.
  • Homeland Security: Those who work with homeland security are tasked with helping to secure airports, waterways, seaports, and more. They are responsible for helping to research and develop various technologies to help make this country safer and more secure. The median salary of those working for homeland security is around $77,000 annually.
  • Homicide Detective: Also, Ohio is no stranger to violence. Therefore, homicide detectives are all essential. As a homicide detective, you will be tasked with things such as investigating situations that involve a purposeful or accidental killing. You will be responsible for interviewing witnesses, surveilling suspects, conducting background checks, and assisting in the arrest of associated individuals. The median salary for a homicide detective is around $74,000 annually.
  • Forensic Accountant: Forensic accountants are tasked with analyzing financial records and data to uncover financial crimes. They make an annual salary of around $69,510.
  • Forensic Psychologist: On the other hand, forensic psychologists are typically tasked with helping to create profiles that include the common traits and characteristics of various types of criminals. They make around $70,000 annually.

Do I have to work in law enforcement?

A. Although many people who choose to work in the criminal justice field choose to work in law enforcement, this is not required. In fact, many people enjoy thriving careers in criminal justice without ever working in law enforcement. Some such jobs are forensic psychologist, forensic accountant, victim advocate, substance abuse counselor, fire and police dispatch, and more. How is the job market in Ohio?

A. If you are looking for a criminal justice career in Ohio, you have plenty of options. In terms of unemployment rates, Ohio has a seasonally adjusted unemployment rate of 5.4%, as well as a non-seasonally adjusted rate of 5.9%. This makes it on par with the country at large. In addition, the state has also seen an increase in local government jobs, making it an ideal location for those who wish to work in local law enforcement and other comparable fields.

Where are the best cities for criminal justice jobs?

A. If you are looking for a career justice career, you have options all over this country. However, if you are wondering about the best cities for criminal justice jobs, some of them are:

  • Los Angeles:There are over 4,000 people currently working in criminal justice jobs in Los Angeles. The area has recently seen decreased crime rates but has had lots of issues with crime and violence in the past.
  • New York City: The New York City area is also an area that is known for being densely populated and ridden with crime. This makes it an ideal place to move if you are interested in working in any area of criminal justice.
  • Atlanta Georgia: Georgia is known for hiring for a wide array of criminal justice-related jobs. The metropolitan area is known for being very densely populated, and thus, often requires lots of law enforcement officers and criminal justice employees.
  • Houston Metropolitan Area: Houston, Texas, is known for having a high number of criminal justice jobs in general. They are often heavily recruiting for criminal justice jobs and even offer signing bonuses for many positions.
  • Philadelphia: Philadelphia is known for having high crime rates as well as high levels of unemployment. They are presently fighting against rising homicide rates and need those who are interested in working to help prevent this crime, in particular.
  • San Bernardino, Riverside, & Ontario:  San Bernardino is an area that is also known for high crime rates. Those who work in law enforcement in these areas typically work to address crimes such as robbery, murder, burglary, and others.

However, while not one city in Ohio made the list of the top cities to find criminal justice jobs, it is one of the highest-ranking states. Therefore, it is still a good idea to move to Ohio if you are seeking a criminal justice career.


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