What is Public Safety Administration and Management?

A person who would like a lucrative salary and have an impact on the safety of others may want to consider a job in public safety administration and management. If antis p individual would like to learn more about what is public safety administration or what is public safety management, a person should know what the concept is, what a person does in one of these roles, and how a person can enter into a public safety management career. 

What Is Public Safety Administration and Management?

If a person is wondering what is public safety and what is public safety management, he or she should know that these careers entail positions that focus on the safety of the public. Although these individuals aren’t on the front lines like a police officer or firefighter is, these individuals play a behind-the-scenes role. 

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These individuals who study public safety management study recovery, response, disaster relief, and preparedness. These individuals are the ones who coordinate, manage, and address concerns involved with people’s health and safety. These individuals may manage employees within the public or environmental safety sectors. Health and education are two other areas of concern that someone in public safety may work in. 

What Can You Do with a Degree in Public Safety Management?

In addition to understanding what is public safety administration, a person should also know what types of jobs are available once a person earns a degree in this area of study. One example of a job a person may obtain with this degree is a public safety administrator. A public safety administration job description includes planning and leading emergency responses. For instance, the public safety administration job description may include planning an emergy response. The public safety administration job description may consist of discovering the best practices for emergency response and ensuring the team executes plans accordingly. 

As mentioned above in the public safety management definition, someone who takes on the role of a public safety manager may also have to address issues with equipment that’s necessary for emergency response. The public safety manager job description may also include training staff. 

How Can You Become a Public Safety Manager?

As noted above, a public safety manager plays a vital role in the response to emergencies. In fact, the public safety management definition is much more entailed than a person may think. Therefore, a person needs a strong educational background to handle all the responsibilities that are incorporated in the public safety manager job description. 

To take on a role in public safety management or administration, a person needs to earn at least a bachelor’s degree in public safety, emergency management, or public health. A person may also take on a role in this field with a business management or IT bachelor’s degree. 

In addition to education, a person who takes on a management role also needs to have work experience in emergency response or public safety. For instance, someone who is interested in this field may want to start out as a police officer, firefighter, ambulance dispatcher, or EMT.  

After a person has experienced, he or she may need to obtain a certification to become a director, manager, or administrator in the public safety sector. 

Is a Public Safety Management Career in Demand? 

If a person believes public safety management may interest him or her, he or she may wonder if this particular career path is in demand. As of 2018, there were 9,900 jobs for emergency management directors, and this number is projected to grow by five percent by 2028. 

A person has other options too if he or she has a degree and gains experience in public safety management. For instance, a person may decide to become a public safety administrator or a public safety manager. Therefore, there are a wide variety of job options, so a person has more of a shot at a job in this particular field. 

Does Public Safety Management Careers Pay Well?

If a person wants to enter the field of public safety management, he or she may wonder what the pay is for a career in this field. On average, a person in this field made an average of $74,590 per year, which is the same as $35.86 per hour. 

The pay for someone in this field may be higher in certain areas of public safety. Additionally, a person may make more in certain areas of the US. For instance, some states are known to offer higher pay and even some cities are known for higher pay. Your level of education can also affect your salary since someone with a master’s degree may make more than someone with a bachelor’s. 

Public safety management is a rewarding career for someone is interested in keeping the general public safe. Someone in this field has a great deal of earning potential as well. 

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