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Criminal Justice in Vermont

If you are looking for a criminal justice school in Vermont, you’ve come to the right place. Below you’ll find a comprehensive list of traditional colleges and universities offering well respected and accredited criminal justice programs. If you live in Vermont but would prefer to get your criminal justice degree online, click here for a list of the top online schools.


The 43rd of the 50 states, Vermont is one of the least populated states, housing only 626,000 in its 9,249-square mile bit of land. However, it is 34th when it comes to the number of inhabitants per square mile, tightly packing its residents more than 33 other states. Vermont was named ‘green mountain,’ or the French Vers Mont, which is also why this state is known as the Green Mountain State.

Originally, Vermont was inhabited by Paleo-Indians more than 10,000 years ago. From there, the inhabitants largely became members of the Abenaki Confederacy, which were the Algonquian Native Americans, though there were also some Mohawk and Mohican members in the same area.

Vermont is actually one of the top contenders for finding jobs on the east coast, so it comes as no surprise that there are quite a number criminal justice jobs. According to the BLS, unemployment rates for all residents in Vermont was just 4.4 percent, having just dropped half of a percentage point in the previous year. With the news of the great employment that is clearly in Vermont, it might actually be worth it to consider moving to this state for obtaining a criminal justice degree.

Students already residing in the state of Vermont will have access to plenty of colleges offering degrees for help getting criminal justice jobs after graduation, but the sector is a little bit behind the others economically; however, though somewhat behind, this is not really much a cause for concern.

Often, when there is a low amount of employment in the criminal justice sector, that does not mean that there are not any employers hiring; it may simply be indicating that there are not enough students obtaining criminal justice degrees, meaning there are no trained professionals to hire. This means it would be easy for a freshly graduated student to fill the gaps in employment in Vermont.

Though the concentration of criminal justice jobs is somewhat low when it comes to comparing Vermont to other states, the job market as a whole is definitely considered to be excellent. Students should be able to easily find employment in their desired fields.

The Vermont Police Association will also offer numerous scholarships to the residents of Vermont who wish to find criminal justice jobs. There are multiple award amounts and can be read about on the official website of the association.

Vermont Criminal Justice Programs:
* – Denotes Online Program Available

Burlington College, Burlington

  • Bachelor of Arts – Legal and Justice Studies
  • Certificate – Paralegal

Castleton State College, Castleton

  • Bachelor of Arts – Criminal Justice
  • Bachelor of Arts – Forensic Psychology

Champlain College, Burlington

  • Associate of Science – Paralegal
  • Bachelor of Arts – Criminal Justice

College of St. Joseph, Rutland

  • Associate of Science – Criminal Justice
  • Bachelor of Science – Criminal Justice

Community College of Vermont, Waterbury

  • Associate of Science – Criminal Justice
  • Associate of Science – Emergency Management

Norwich University, Northfield

  • Bachelor of Arts – Criminal Justice
  • MS – Bus Continuity Mgmt: Gov Operations*

Southern Vermont College, Bennington

  • Associate of Science – Criminal Justice
  • Bachelor of Science – Criminal Justice

Stratford Career Institute, St. Albans

  • Certificate – Criminal Justice*

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