What Can I Do With a Master’s in Social Work?

The decision to take on a career in social work means you are working for the benefit of others. A master’s degree in social work gives you new opportunities for your future and your career. The key is focusing on the type of job you want when you finish your degree program.

Benefits of Being a Social Worker

The benefits of being a social worker depend on your goals and plans. The benefits for a social worker are not related to the financial gains of the career. In most cases, you will focus on helping others in your community. Social worker benefits focus on the way you assist your community as well as the opportunities for your career advancement. In general, social worker benefits and salary depend on your career path. If you are working with children, then you may enjoy the benefits of helping children with their future. Working with seniors will offer advantages in relation to their health and long-term well-being.

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Is social work a good career choice? It depends on your interests. Social work is a career that works with others in need, so it is ideal when you want to give back to your community or help others accomplish their goals.

Master’s in Social Work Jobs and Benefits

Master’s in social work jobs give professionals the chance to work in a variety of specialized fields and careers. Clinical social work jobs focus on helping in a clinical setting. You may decide to work in a hospital or a private clinic to assist with cases of abuse or injuries from others. You can also work in facilities that cater to elders or a specific segment of the population. Clinical social work jobs are always in demand, but self-care is crucial – burnout is common in clinical social work jobs.

Master’s in social work jobs are not limited to a medical setting, however. You can also work with the military or veterans of the military. If you prefer to work with children, then you can take a role in a school or university. You also have opportunities in youth organizations or community health centers. Social workers also have career opportunities in correctional facilities to assist in the transition from the facility into society or to help with complicated cases within the facility. You have a myriad of opportunities for master’s in social work jobs based on your interests and preferences.

Master’s in Social Work Salary Expectations

When you evaluate social work benefits and salary, you will notice that the exact advantages differ based on your career path. Private practice careers or a job in a specialized facility may offer a higher salary or greater career benefits. A masters in social work salary differs significantly based on the career you choose and the type of work you enjoy.

The median income for a social worker with a master’s degree is around $48,000, according to the Bureau of Labor Statistics. The exact salary you can expect after completing your degree will depend on your career choice and you should expect a slightly lower starting salary. Those working in hospitals, for instance, may see an average of more than $58,000. However, careers related to children and family, such as working in a school, will usually have a lower starting salary when compared to a career in the medical field. You should be aware that social workers who are self-employed may have greater opportunities due to their flexibility in their job.

When you decide to pursue a career in social work, you will find that a master’s degree helps with your career advancement. The benefits available for your career vary widely based on the path you pursue, but you will find that you have more opportunities and options after you complete a master’s degree.

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