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Are you interested in learning more about online criminal justice programs in Georgia? Online degree programs provide many advantages for individuals who can’t afford to lose their income in order to return to school. Through online learning platforms, students are able to get the education they want and need from any location and at any time. Students who are easily distracted can study when it is best for them. They are able to access all of the course materials through a technologically advanced, online learning platform.

Employers who want their employees to return to school will often recommend an online degree program. By attending school online, the student is still able to go to work and be a useful asset to the company. Employers have realized that they can benefit from this unique arrangement. Encouraging students to return to school not only allows them to remain on the job, but they can also begin applying what they learn much earlier. Students are also able to explore new opportunities long before graduation.

The flexibility associated with online learning makes it easier for students to meet their other obligations. This allows the learning process to go much smoother, making it easier for the student to retain the information. The easier it is for a student to learn, the more likely it will be for them to be successful in both their education as well as in their careers. Higher grades will also lead to higher wages if you are able to put the same dedication into your work as you did into your grades.

How we ranked The Best Online Criminal Justice Programs in Georgia

To rank Georgia’s best online criminal justice programs, Criminal Justice Degree Hub editors focus on trustworthy, accredited schools. We rank programs by practical factors such as tuition rate, student satisfaction, and graduate salary. Data comes from IPEDS and Niche. 

1. Valdosta State University

The Valdosta State University Online Criminal Justice degree program comes with a curriculum that has a strong focus on both theory and hands-on application. The degree program doesn’t limit criminal justice education to strictly law enforcement.

There’s also a focus on the aspects of the criminal justice system that will allow a graduate to take on roles in the courts, other legal institutions, private businesses, as well as within a policing force. The degree online program takes advantage of VSUs knowledgeable and experienced faculty to deliver an education in criminal justice that offers real criminology theory, research, and techniques that apply to the real world.

VSUs online criminal justice degree program also includes an international partnership that allows students to study theories and modern examples of criminal justice in other countries. This includes potential trips to those other countries as well.

For someone who wants a well-rounded criminal justice education, earning their degree online through Valdosta State University’s online Criminal Justice Degree program can work as the best path toward their career in criminal justice.


2. Georgia State University

Georgia State University’s Criminal Justice, B.S. online degree program is a step above many other similar degree online programs. The design of the program, including the online degree program, comes from criminal justice and criminology research. There are two concentrations in the online degree program.

The Crime and Justice concentration represents the more traditional criminal justice path, while the Legal Studies concentration has more of a focus on criminal justice in an academic sense. There’s also a focus on modern criminology concerns and digital criminal justice issues throughout the program. The online degree program places a clear focus on the interdisciplinary aspects of criminal justice.

Students can expect to learn about crime and justice in a broader sense while also narrowing it all down to their specialization. GSU has connections with criminal justice institutions, partnerships, and a good track record of having its students placed in criminal justice institutions across the nation.

Students who participate in GSUs online criminal justice degree program can expect not just an education, but also the connections necessary to enter the field with confidence.


3. Georgia Highlands College

GHC offers the Online Bachelor of Science in Criminal Justice. This online degree program is a relatively recent foray of GHC into moving their criminal justice degree program online through a partnership with other colleges and universities that are part of the eMajor initiative through the University System of Georgia.

A major benefit of this degree online program is that it’s completely online. Some online degree programs still require students to attend certain classes or activities on campus. The GHC degree online program has a specific focus on people who may have to balance their real lives with school.

People who take care of children, work a job, and have real-world responsibilities can benefit most from this online degree program. The program also has a tight and specific focus on preparing students for entering the field of criminal justice.

GHCs online criminal justice degree program also includes coaching, additional free tutoring, accelerated courses, and various other benefits through its program as well as through its connection to eMajor and the USG.


4. eMajor

An Online Bachelor of Science in Criminal Justice Degree through eMajor comes with an astounding number of benefits for students considering an online degree. The stated goal of eMajor degree online programs is to prepare students for employment in the criminal justice field.

The curriculum serves to give students a grounded foundation in criminal justice, which helps to prepare them for the field in general. Beyond that, there are concentrations that will prepare students to enter the specific criminal justice career path they want.

The concentrations include Criminal Justice, Law Enforcement, and Social Justice. No matter the concentration, students will gain critical thinking and analyzing skills necessary in the field. Students will also gain an academic understanding of criminal justice and its principles.

Note that the eMajor online degree programs consist of a consortium of institutions working in concert to deliver a high level of education. This applies to all the eMajor degree online programs, which includes their online criminal justice degree. This also means students can sometimes take advantage of assets offered by one college or university that another school may not have.


5. Georgia Southern University

Georgia Southern University offers the Online Master in Criminal Justice and Criminology. As a master’s degree, this online degree program can prepare students for advancing in the fields of criminal justice and criminology. The program focuses on specialization and leadership training for the field.

To that end, this degree online features three main concentrations or emphases. Those include their Criminal Justice Degree emphasis, Criminology Degree Emphasis, and Cybercrime Degree Emphasis. These courses will help students delve deeper into specific aspects of criminal justice and criminology over 36 course hours.

As this is a master’s online criminal justice degree program, the same rules apply as when attempting to enter any master’s degree program. Applicants must pay close attention to admission guidelines to give themselves the best chance of access to the programs.

The degree online program will contain a curriculum focusing on more advanced theories, policy, and deeper issues of criminal justice. Students will gain the knowledge and training necessary to advance their career, make a larger career change, or place themselves in a position to pursue more advanced degrees.


6. Georgia College

The excellent Criminal Justice M.S. online degree program from Georgia College is a graduate degree for those who want an advanced criminal justice career. The program strives to help students develop the skills necessary to work in the criminal justice field with a higher level of authority.

Because this is a master’s degree online program, students should expect to gain a deeper understanding of the criminal justice field, including a strong approach toward social issues, criminal behavior, and how criminal justice and policy affect each other. Students will learn to research and analyze criminal justice issues through the lens of history, policy, and socioeconomic practices.

This program will work well for those already in the criminal justice field who want more career development options. The online criminal justice degree can also help those who want to enter the field to do so with the best possible start. This degree online program is also excellent for networking and fostering connections in the criminal justice field.


7. University of North Georgia

UNGs online Criminal Justice M.S. is for those already in the field who want to increase their knowledge and present themselves for more advanced positions in the field. This online degree program has a strong focus on theory, policy, administration, and international criminal justice concepts. The online degree program requires no campus visits for its 36 course credit hours.

Students can enroll during any of its semesters without the need to take an entrance test. The core part of the curriculum consists of Criminal Justice Theory, Research Methodology, Statistical Analysis, Global Crime and Justice, and Criminal Justice Policy. These are the courses that set the foundation for students.

From there, students can choose six electives to round out their education or to build on a specialty. For those seeking a self-guided course of study, this online criminal justice degree program could work well. Students will gain the deeper knowledge of criminal justice they need while earning a master’s degree that will help them to fundamentally advance their careers.

UNG also has a Ph.D. in Criminal Justice program, with a concentration in Intelligence. This degree is designed to meet the intelligence and research needs of military, federal, state, and local governmental agencies, as well as private corporations engaged in intelligence fields.


8. Albany State University

Albany State University offers a fully online Master of Science degree in Criminal Justice. Within the program, students can pursue one of five concentrations to help advance their careers or to help them make a career change. The concentrations include Criminal Justice, Forensic Science, Law Enforcement, Public Administration, or Corrections.

The core curriculum of this degree online program comes with academic stress on theory, methodology, and the philosophy of criminal justice systems. These are the subjects that prepare students to take on greater roles and responsibilities in the field. In addition, this is a foundation that also gives someone a good introduction and preparation for pursuing a more advanced graduate degree in criminal justice.

The program only requires 30 semester hours and some examinations to ascertain the student’s aptitude with the core curriculum and their specialization. For those seeking to advance their careers or enter a niche within the field, this online degree program can help make it happen.


9. Albany Technical College

The Criminal Justice Technology online degree program from the Albany Technical College is a robust criminal justice curriculum for students who want to enter the field or advance in it. This is an associate’s level degree that gives students what they need to prepare for a criminal justice career or continuing criminal justice education.

The curriculum includes theory as well as practical application. The program can lead to a Criminal Justice Technology diploma or an associate’s degree. This is an excellent program for those who want to enter the field at the entry level with a broad understanding of the field and the concepts involved with it.

The program can also form the basis of a further bachelor’s degree in criminal justice or a related subject. The program also offers certification courses for Criminal Justice Specialist and Homeland Security Technician. For those interested in the criminal justice field, the Criminal Justice Technology degree online can work best to help them enter the field the right way.


10. Clayton State University

Clayton State University offers an online Criminal Justice Minor for students who major in a different subject. The minor serves to introduce students to criminal justice systems and the components they consist of. In addition, students will look at the nature of crime, and theories about criminal behavior as it applies in society.

This degree online requires 18 credit hours and can become a permanently recorded minor on the student’s bachelor’s degree. Adding a minor in criminal justice to an online degree or another degree program can work best for students pursuing majors that require it, or students who want to add a criminal justice specialization to a different degree.

Students who take on a degree that will intersect with criminal justice in any way should consider this minor degree online offering. While this isn’t specifically an online criminal justice degree program, it can work well with other online degree programs.


How Is the Criminal Justice Job Market in Georgia?

Criminal justice jobs in Georgia can be found in every area of the state. Criminal justice degree programs include specializations including forensics, research, investigations, and conflict resolution are all part of a quality criminal justice degree program. Students can start with a basic criminal justice degree program and as they work through the different courses start to identify a specialization they would enjoy turning into a long-term career. In some cases, two specializations that work well together may also be an option.

Whether you work in law enforcement, the judicial system, or in the political field, there are many jobs that are available in rural areas as well as larger, metropolitan areas. No matter where you live in the state of Georgia, you have multiple options within the criminal justice field. Individuals who have been working in the field for many years can identify new opportunities when it comes to advancement. After working in an entry-level position, earning an online criminal justice degree can help move you up through the ranks.

People who choose to work in the criminal justice field will be able to explore options within the judicial field as well as in law enforcement. When working with investigations, both fields work together to solve crimes and enforce justice. By working within the legal system, an individual can help to both enforce the law and protect law-abiding citizens. Criminal justice goes far beyond d
dealing with criminal behavior, it also involves dealing with the victims of criminal activity.

How Much Can I Make with a Criminal Justice Degree in Georgia?

The amount of money you make working in the criminal justice field will depend on many factors. Where you live, the type of specialization you work with, your experience, and your level of education are all important factors that go into determining your earning potential. The more time you spend working on your skills, the more likely you are to receive job opportunities with the best advancement for growth.

When working in an entry-level position in the criminal justice field, you can expect to earn between $25,000 and $30,000 to start. As you gain more experience, you can expect to steadily increase your earning potential as well as the number and type of responsibilities you can take on at work. If you are in a leadership role, you can expect to be considered for advanced management positions.

At the high end for criminal justice degree graduates, the pay can range from $85,000 to $95,000 per year or higher. If you are working in a specialized field, you can expect to earn an even higher wage. The more experience you have, the more you will be able to earn. Members of management who have been working in the same field for many years bring a wealth of knowledge to the table and make valuable mentors and tutors. Trying to find an assistant position is a great way to start a career in the criminal justice field.