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Top 10 iPhone Apps for Police Officers

As technology evolves, so must the criminal justice system and the tools it uses. If you’re currently in the process of obtaining a criminal justice degree and plan to go into law enforcement, consider looking into these top ten iPhone apps for police officers. They offer a great deal of help to police officers in the field.

Spanish for Police iPhone App

Often times, police officers find themselves in situations with victims or suspects that requires a certain amount of foreign language skills. If there is no one on-duty that is able to fully translate what the person is saying, the Spanish for Police App can be of great help in these types of situations.

The Miranda Warning iPhone App

A simple-to-use app that is great for both day time and night time police officers, The Miranda Warning is an effective tool that eliminates the need to search for a Miranda card. The great thing about this app is that it translates the warning into Spanish and has a link to Google Translator if you need to translate the warning into any other languages.

DUI Warning and Test Instructions

Police officers often have trouble finding their DUI Implied Consent Warning card when talking with a suspect who may be under the influence of drugs or alcohol. The DUI Warning and Test Instructions app for the iPhone is the perfect solution for this problem.

The DUI Warning and Test Instructions iPhone app displays the exact instructions for law enforcement officers to read to potential suspects. Once instructions have been given as to what DUI test is to be performed, the officer can read tips on the app to determine whether or not the suspect has been drinking.


The PolicePrep app is a great tool for those seeking careers in law enforcement.

The app has over seven-hundred questions that directly relate to the police examination itself. After the questions have been answered, the app will offer helpful tips on areas where it thinks the user needs to improve their skills. Students also have the option of taking a practice exam.


PocketCop is a great interactive tool that police officers can use on a daily basis.

PocketCop provides police officers with a variety of easily-accessible databases that can be helpful to them in the field. Such databases include NCIC, motor vehicle databases and criminal background information.

With PocketCop, officers can make less calls into their central dispatching center, freeing up more time for them to take important calls.

Police Codes

Need to brush up on your penal codes, 10 codes or 11 codes? The Police Codes app for iPhone has all the legal codes you can think of, and some you can’t.

This app is great for personal use in the field or for new recruits who are having a tough time learning their codes.


The CrimeReports iPhone app gathers information on sex offenders from over seven hundred databases nationwide.

This app is great for law enforcement officers that need to check on the status of a potential suspect’s background or who need to see if someone is a registered sex offender.

Field Contact

Field Contact is one of the most useful iPhone apps available for law enforcement officers today.

Field Contact allows officers to use their iPhone as pen and paper. They can conveniently store important data onto their phone such as names, dates, photographs and physical descriptions. No longer will officers have to scramble for their pen and pad of paper.

Vehicle Identification System

The Vehicle Identification System app offers a unique way for suspects and officers to accurately describe someone’s vehicle. They can pull up pictures of various cars to see which one matches their memory.

The app is also great for officers who need to identify cars when they receive a call from the dispatcher.


Stay up-to-date on the latest police news and receive pertinent information directly to your iPhone using the PoliceOne mobile app. Officers can research pertinent information and read important news articles and bulletins all for free.

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