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What Types of Criminal Justice Majors are There?

For people who are interested in a career in criminal justice, it is important to note that there are many majors that can be pursued. Some of the most popular majors include those relating to Corrections, Law Enforcement, Court Reporting, Paralegal, and Crime Scene Investigation. Take a look below to learn more about each of these exciting majors.


Becoming a criminal justice major who has a degree in Corrections can lead to many exciting criminal justice careers. In order to major in Corrections, a person will need to obtain a bachelors in criminal justice. A Corrections major prepares a student for a number of entry-level positions that exist at federal, state, and country prison and detention centers. After completing a Corrections major, state and local agencies make available on-the-job training.

Law Enforcement

Going to a criminal justice school and majoring in law enforcement is another great way to earn a degree in criminal justice. For the most part, law enforcement agencies prefer for their officers to hold a bachelors in criminal justice; however, there are some that only require a person to have an associates in criminal justice. A person’s career preferences will determine what type of degree he or she will need when it comes to becoming a law enforcement officer.

Court Reporting

In order to major in court reporting, a person does not necessarily have to obtain an associates or bachelors degree in criminal justice; however, a degree can lead to many more career opportunities. Instead, court reporting courses can be taken, which then leads to a person obtaining a certificate to carry out the duties of a court reporter. Generally, it takes about two to three years to graduate from court reporting school. In addition, a person will need to pass an exam in order to work within the United States court system as a court reporter.


Most lawyers prefer for their paralegals to have some type of bachelors degree in criminal justice. After obtaining such a degree, a person will benefit from taking paralegal courses. After completing them, most times, the graduate will be awarded a certificate. It is always important to remember that the courses taken in college will greatly help a person’s chances of becoming a successful paralegal.

Crime Scene Investigator

Unlike many careers in the field of criminal justice, a person will need a masters in criminal justice in order to become a crime scene investigator. Generally, a masters in criminal justice takes about five to seven years to earn; however, if a student puts his or herself on the fast track to earning such a degree, it is possible to earn it in less time. Fields of study in which crime scene investigators need to major include criminology and forensics.

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