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What is a Bachelor’s Degree?

What exactly is a bachelor’s degree as it relates to the field of criminal justice? A bachelor’s degree is an academic degree earned for an undergraduate course of study in the field as a Criminal Justice major. Study traditionally lasts four years but can vary.

Career Options in the Field of Criminal Justice
When choosing to obtain a bachelor’s degree, there are many factors to consider. Those seeking a degree in criminal justice have many options and career choices. Job options for criminal justice majors exist in areas such as in the courts system, correctional systems, or law enforcement.

These can include involvement in investigations, forensics, and criminal law. Criminal justice majors typically work in the public sector, making such careers more stable even in economically challenging times. Retirement benefits can also be quite generous in these fields, as well.

Opportunity to Contribute to the World
With a bachelor’s degree in Criminal Justice, there is the benefit of knowing that work is being done to make the world a safer place. Whether working directly with the community or behind the scenes, criminal justice majors contribute to their communities. Students are trained in the importance of values and ethical consciousness.

Benefits of Obtaining a Bachelor’s Degree in the Field of Criminology

There may be no substitute for real life experience, but education lays a solid groundwork for students to be successful in whatever line of work they choose. A bachelor’s degree provides valuable job skills like:

  • Communication
  • Writing and Reports
  • People Skills
  • Understanding of Law
  • Understanding of Psychology
  • Behavior
  • Research Methods
  • Investigation
  • And much more…

What do Criminal Justice Programs Include?
Criminal Justice Programs include disciplines in the areas of communication, humanities, statistics, technical writing, and social science.

Students learn to apply skills for social change through intervention, management, research, theory, and community processes.

In conclusion, a degree in criminal justice can provide students with lifelong skills that make them an asset to any community. Employers seek those with a bachelor’s degree for their knowledge, understanding of the field, and valuable qualifications to their career choice.

A bachelor’s degree in criminal justice provides one with job satisfaction through a life of community service.

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