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What Is A Master’s Degree?

When going to college to obtain a Master’s degree in criminal justice, the levels of degrees you must accomplish are as follows:

Associates Degree – 2 years of schooling
Bachelor’s Degree – 4 years of schooling from an accredited institution
Master’s Degree – an additional 36 credit hours to the Bachelor’s degree

Before the Master’s program can begin, the student needs to have had a GRE (Graduate Record Exam) score taken within the past five years. He or she must also have a grade point average of 3.0 or higher throughout at least 60 of the most recent credits completed for an undergraduate degree.

The courses required for completion of a Master’s in criminal justice include:

  • Five courses (15 credits) of core requirements
  • Four electives (12 credits) in criminal justice
  • Three courses (9 credits) in general electives

The five core courses in the Master’s of Criminal Justice Degree are:

  • Legal Issues in Criminal Justice Administration
  • Theory in Administration of Justice
  • Data Analysis in Criminal Justice
  • Research Methods in Criminal Justice
  • Criminal Justice Policy Analysis

The four electives must be graduate level courses. The three courses of general electives may be transferred in from the institution that gave you your Bachelor’s degree. These general electives do not need to be in the criminal justice field, but must be relevant to it and also approved by a Graduate Advisor.

A Master’s degree curriculum can be rigorous but it yields an incredible feeling of accomplishment. If you have always wanted to work in the criminal justice system, it would be advisable to obtain a Master’s. The criminal justice department needs professionals who have obtained a Master’s degree to perform these particular jobs:

  • Criminal Profiler
  • Forensic Psychologist
  • Upper Management and Administration
  • College or University Professor
  • Criminologist

A master’s degree in any field needs to be worth your investment of time and money. The criminal justice field provides the above jobs that meet this requirement. Getting your master’s degree in the criminal justice field can be a rewarding experience in financial terms as well as your own personal goals. If you want a career in helping others and you feel that you are a strong person, this is the career for you.

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