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Indiana is one of the best states for students who have a criminal justice degree. Throughout the state, law enforcement agencies and legal offices offer career opportunities that will allow graduates to use the skills they have learned through the many different criminal justice degree programs. Criminal justice jobs are incredibly diverse and go far beyond law enforcement careers.

A criminal justice degree serves just as well in the legal field as it does in the field of law enforcement. Students who possess investigative skills can easily find employment doing research for attorneys and the judicial system as they can work for local police departments. It all just depends on where your primary interests lie and what type of research you like to do. Criminal justice also involves interpreting the law and putting it into motion.

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What Are the Common Criminal Justice Jobs in Indiana?

Criminal justice positions are commonly found in the field of law enforcement. They are also increasingly common in the legal field, where paralegals and investigative researchers work to uncover information and evidence that is necessary to effectively represent an attorney’s clients. Another commonplace to find work with a criminal justice degree is within your local judicial system. Certain public offices require a degree in criminal justice that will allow the employee to work within both law enforcement and the legal/judicial fields.

Do I Have to Work in Law Enforcement?

Even though a criminal justice degree is most beneficial for work within the field of law enforcement, it isn’t the only career field where it can help. Investigative research, interpretation of the law, and negotiation skills are all part of a solid criminal justice curriculum. Psychology is also quite useful when identifying patterns and trying to figure out behavioral trends. Understanding how people think is important if you are trying to solve a crime or prevent criminal activity from taking place.

Individuals who have earned a criminal justice degree often choose to explore career options that involve interpreting the law. While law enforcement upholds the law, the judicial field works to apply consequences to those who are charged with criminal activity. Working in the judicial and legal fields allows a criminal justice graduate to explore new opportunities they may have never thought of. They can also work as educators, passing on the knowledge and expertise they have gained as they advanced their own careers.

How Is the Job Market in Indiana? Salaries?

The job market in Indiana for people who have earned a criminal justice degree is exceptionally good. Not only can they find work in traditional places like law enforcement and the penal system, they can also look to the judicial and legal fields for additional options. With a traditional criminal justice degree, an Indiana graduate can expect to earn anywhere from $25,000 to $96,000. Criminal investigators can earn from $35,000 to $83,000 depending on the level of experience you have and the degree that you have earned.

There are many specializations that you can choose from within the criminal justice field. Investigative researchers, forensic specialists, behavioral analysts, criminal psychologists, as well as many other careers all have their foundations in criminal justice. It is up to you to determine which type of career you want and in what field you feel you will be most useful. Choosing multiple specializations will allow you to increase your earning potential and also look into applying for advanced positions within your chosen department.

What Are the Best Cities for Criminal Justice Jobs in Indiana?

Indianapolis is the state capital and an ideal for local criminal justice degree graduates who enjoy working with the law. In this capacity, students may be able to work with both law enforcement officers as well as lawmakers to find better ways to deal with certain types of illegal activities. Cities like Lafayette, Bloomington, Fort Wayne, Muncie, Evansville, and South Bend are beneficial for criminal justice graduates who want to find teaching positions and pass on their expertise to students who are just starting to earn their degrees.

Kokomo, Anderson, Gary, Hammond, and Columbus are well-known for the law enforcement agencies and state police posts nearest to them. No matter what type of career you are looking for, the cities in Indiana are ideal for new graduates. Indiana is known for its small-town values and Midwestern charm. Students who earn their criminal justice degrees are able to find good jobs in almost every area of the state. The opportunities are only limited by your eagerness to succeed in whatever career you choose.


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