Is a Background Check Required for Homeland Security Degree?

Are you interested in knowing if a Background Check is Required for Homeland Security Degree? We have answers for you here! Applicants to just about any job will have to go through a basic background check of criminal and credit histories, whether it’s pizza delivery, dogcatcher, or rocket scientist. However, federal workers in Homeland Security jobs, such as the FBI, CIA, DEA, or DHS employees may go through a more in-depth check than the ordinary citizen. For some of the highest-paying jobs in criminal justice, though, it’s worth the probing.

Homeland Security Background Check

This degree of a homeland security background check is to ensure all federal agents or employees are trustworthy, reliable, and loyal to the service of who they serve, the United States. Once hired, certain positions may also require a security clearance to work in particular buildings, or on particularly sensitive projects. Those who work for DHS, will need a homeland security background check. DHS workers are often found within the intelligence community or law enforcement agencies of government. Many Homeland Security jobs become available to veterans or active duty servicemen and servicewomen, but even so, they’ll need to go through a thorough background check as well.

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Homeland Security Background Check Disqualifications

Homeland security background check disqualifications do happen. Sometimes, it is just a matter of a misrepresentation on the application; meaning, the wrong date of your last job was written down. However, it can be more serious. There are factors to be disqualified by the Department of Homeland Security. Below is a short list of certain factors that will get you automatically disqualified from a Homeland Security background check:

Drug Abuse: consumption of illegal drugs will ruin your chances of getting a career in homeland security. Some Homeland Security positions are a highly sensitive, literally life-and-death jobs, and intoxication or impairment are dealbreakers. No one wants a Secret Service agent high on the job.

Debt and Bankruptcy: an applicant that is struggling financially, to the point of no return, may act unstable and be tempted to engage in unethical conduct. In this case, the applicant is unlikely to be qualified for hire through the department of homeland security.

Citizenship: Even with receiving a naturalized American passport, sometimes it is not enough for high-security positions like the CIA, FBI, or DHS. Many government security clearances require American Citizenship from the start of a career.

Copyright Infringement: It is never nice to take someone’s hard work and claim it for yourself. But did you know it’s illegal as well? A history of plagiarism, piracy, or other unethical activity can actually get you booted from the hiring process. There are federal laws protecting people from illegal copyrighting. So if caught, no government office will hire you.

Do Homeland Security Students Need a Background Check?

There is not an actual background check to enter college or start your college education for a degree in homeland security. However, you may become ineligible to receive financial aid if you do not meet their requirements. While filling out a FAFSA (Free Application for Federal Student Aid), an applicant is required to enter personal and financial information about themselves. Most people with good or no credit history, like new students, will pass and be accepted. However, there are ways to be disqualified as well.

Students who lie on the application not only discredit themselves but have now committed a federal offense. Students who have misrepresented themselves, even in seemingly minor ways, can be subject to a fine worth up to $20,000, and may also get jail time. There are a few other ways to be disqualified. Even with no homeland security background check disqualifications for the degree, having a criminal history in your background can hinder eligibility. According to FAFSA, an incarcerated individual who is in a state or federal institution has limited access to grants or loans. Some aid is available, but only in certain situations.

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